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AMT Viewpoint Software Delivers a New Level of Intelligence to Rotary Encoders - Allows for Programmability and Diagnostics

CUI Inc AMT Viewpoint Software delivers a new level of intelligence to Rotary Encoders
CUI Inc announced availability of the AMT Viewpoint™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) to support their recently released AMT11 incremental and AMT31 commutation encoder series. The AMT family is a rugged, high accuracy encoder based on CUI’s proprietary capacitive encoder platform. Thanks to the unique technology, AMT encoders are not susceptible to contaminants that typically plague encoders in industrial environments.

Tags: Incremental Encoder, Software, Rotary Encoder

Neugart Calculation Program version 3.0 Sizing Software available for download

Neugart Calculation Program version 3.0 Sizing Software is now available for download
Neugart GmbH is pleased to inform you that with immediate effect, the new update version 3.0 of the NCP (Neugart Calculation Program) is available for download free of charge on our homepage. What is NCP able to do and when can I use this software?

Tags: Software, Planetary Gears, Catalog Literature CD

KW-Software offers three core technology solutions for machine builders, PLC and device manufacturers

KW-Software offers offer three core technology solutions for machine builders, PLC and device manufacturers
As a leading international provider of software solutions for automation manufacturers, KW-Software core technologies IEC 61131, IEC 61508 Safety and PROFINET have proven their quality and reliability on a daily basis in hundreds of thousands  automation systems.

Tags: Software, Profinet

New version of MotionLab configuration and programming software

MotionLab configuration and programming software from Ingenia Motion Control
The new Ingenia MotionLab lets you configure, program and operate your motion control application from a single software environment with a user friendly layout and interface. The new software tool has a complete set of troubleshooting, visualization and diagnostic tools which simplifies commissioning and debugging.

Tags: Software

HYPERSIM, Power System Real-Time Digital Simulator

HYPERSIM, Power System Real-Time Digital Simulator from Opal-RT Technologies
HYPERSIM is the only real-time digital simulator with the power to simulate and analyze very large-scale power systems with more than 2000 three-phase buses. It is used for factory acceptance and system integration testing, as well as for R&D works and commissioning tests. The company's core software, RT-LAB, enables users to rapidly develop models suitable for real-time simulation, while minimizing initial investment and their cost of ownership.

Tags: Software, Power

Electromate Launches BlackBerry App for the Motion Control User

BlackBerry App for the Motion Control User from Electromate/Servo2Go.com
Tech-laden Free App is a ‘must-have’ technical resource for any novice or experienced engineer who uses Motion Control Products in their Industrial Automation machinery. Released January 6th, 2014 this BlackBerry App features Robotic and Mechatronic Technical Training Information, Tutorial Video’s, Webinar’s, Sizing Software, White Papers and Application Notes.

Tags: Software

Arcus Software Upgrade - Featuring our all-in-one USB stepper, DMX-UMD

Arcus Software Upgrade featuring all-in-one USB stepper, DMX-UMD
We at Arcus strive to offer the industry's most user friendly family of motion control products.  As we grow our business, we realize that in the end, it is you, our customer who defines what is and isn't easy to use.  This software upgrade is a response to many of you asking for a basic configuration option that further minimizes the number of clicks needed to setup our motor.

Tags: Software

Cymex® Servo Sizing Software

Cymex® Servo Sizing Software from Wittenstein

A top priority for WITTENSTEIN is designing and manufacturing precision products for your motion requirements. The next step is developing tools for you that make your design process easier. For over a decade, WITTENSTEIN has supported the cymex® servo sizing software which was designed specifically for the alpha brand of products. cymex® has since developed into a mechatronic resource for you - providing a WITTENSTEIN application engineer at the click of a button.

Tags: Software

3-axis LabVIEW integration using Arcus USB motors

3-axis LabVIEW integration using Arcus USB motors


Arcus Technology has partnered with Kod Integrations, LLC to provide you with an application note to facilitate even novice LabVIEW developers in swiftly creating your own functional LabVIEW applications using more than one DMX-J-SA-17 USB stepper motor.

Tags: Software

CMM SURFTEST PROBE System Eliminates Workpiece Changeover to Second Measurement Device

CMM SURFTEST PROBE System from  Mitutoyo

A leading manufacturer of surface roughness analysis instruments, Mitutoyo offers a wide range of products from hand-held portable units to advanced CNC models. Mitutoyo is now pleased to introduce the new SURFTEST PROBE and SURFPAK-SP software allowing surface roughness analysis on a Mitutoyo CNC CMM and eliminating the need for workpiece changeover to a second measurement device.

Tags: Computer Numerical Control CNC, Software

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