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EtherNet IP

4-Axis Stepper Controller with Ethernet Connectivity

4-Axis Stepper Controller with Ethernet Connectivity from Arcus Technology


The PMX-4ET-SA is a user-friendly 4-axis stepper controller featuring advanced interpolation and Ethernet connectivity. Encoder feedback inputs allow the controller to automatically monitor and maintain the position of a stepper motor. It can be interfaced with any stepper driver that accepts pulse (6M pps) and direction signals. The PMX-4ET-SA can also be used to control digital servo drives.

Tags: EtherNet IP, Motor Control

MAXPOS 50/5 Positioning Controller - The next generation of high-performance positioning controllers

MAXPOS 50/5 Positioning Controller - The next generation of high-performance positioning controllers from Maxon Precision Motors
maxon motor launches the MAXPOS 50/5. This compact EtherCAT Slave unveils unprecedented possibilities as far as precision, dynamics, and synchronization are concerned. It also ensures reliability and durability even under harsh conditions. More than 20 years of experience in motion control have been incorporated into this latest technology in positioning controller.

Tags: EtherNet IP, Motion Controller, Motor Control

Sercos News Magazine Available

Sercos News Magazine available for download

The latest edition (#02-2012) of sercos news, the news and information magazine about the sercos® automation bus. This 20-page news magazine includes a feature article on blended infrastructure, whereby sercos, EtherNet/IP and TCP/IP messages are transmitted over a single Ethernet cable. It also includes several application articles and sercos product news from a number of manufacturers.

Tags: EtherNet IP

DMX-ETH Product Spotlight

DMX-ETH Product Spotlight

The DMX-ETH series is an easy to use all-in-one stepper solution with Ethernet connectivity. This product provides a drop-in stepper axis for PLC/PC-based Ethernet system at an affordable price.

Tags: EtherNet IP, Stepper Motor

EtherCAT-based SPiiPlus Soft Control Platform From ACS Turns Standard PCs Into Powerful Multi-axis Machine Controllers With Software Alone

EtherCAT-based SPiiPlus Soft Control Platform From ACS Turns Standard PCs Into Powerful Multi-axis Machine Controllers With Soft

ACS Motion Control, an international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion and machine control systems, has developed a software-based EtherCAT motion control platform that maximizes performance while minimizing costs for semiconductor, HDD, biomedical, PV equipment and LED manufacturers. The SPiiPlusSC (Soft Controller) enables standard PCs to run a 64-axis real-time motion controller and high-speed PLC entirely in software. The advanced soft controller solution simplifies the connectivity of the entire motion control system by eliminating dedicated controller hardware as well as Windows dependence or latency.

Tags: EtherNet IP, Machine Controller, Software

Parker releases I31 EtherCAT fieldbus option

Parker releases I31 EtherCAT field bus option

The high-performance motion-bus networkis now installed in Compax3 servo drives.

Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion controltechnology, is pleased to announce the release of its EtherCAT fieldbusoption.

EtherCAT is an open, real-time, high-speedmotion-bus network that operates over fast Ethernet at 100 Mbit. It isa fast-growing industrial network and, similar to other Ethernet-basedmotion-bus networks, it offers speeds that are faster than DeviceNet, ModbusTCPand Profibus.

Tags: EtherNet IP, Servo Drive Amplifier, Systems

Customers Demand Networked Rotary Encoders

Customers Demand Networked Rotary Encoders

Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), announces its full selection of networked size 25 (2.5” diameter, or 63mm) rotary encoders. These heavy duty rotary sensors can provide an overall measuring range of up to 30 bits, and are available for EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, or DeviceNet communication. With both single-turn and multi-turn versions available, AMCI’s networked encoders are ready for any application.

The Need for Variety

AMCI has recognized the need for absolute rotary encoders that can communicate with a variety of different network protocols. With so many PLC manufacturers in the market, OEMs and Control System Integrators require flexibility when designing their control systems. AMCI continues to expand its rotary encoder offering to include these required network protocol compatibilities.

Tags: DeviceNet, EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus, Rotary Encoder

EtherCAT for JVL integrated servo motors

EtherCAT for JVL integrated servo motors

JVL is one of the leading companies in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors. For their medium and high power MAC motor’s, from 400 W to 3000 W, yet another expansion module has been added: The EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet module.

To supplement the already existing modules like CANopen, Profibus, Devicenet, NanoPLC, BlueTooth and WLAN etc. was there a demand from the market to develop a new series of Industrial Ethernet modules starting with EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP. Later ProfiNet, Modbus TCP, Powerlink or Sercos III will be announced.

Tags: EtherNet IP

Improved Ethernet/IP Encoders

Improved Ethernet/IP Encoders

Ethernet/IP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol based on OSI model) is a comprehensive interface technology comprised of an open communication protocol at the application layer, Ethernet at the physical layer and Internet protocol at the network layer. Unlike other networks, Ethernet/IP is a full duplex, Star topology based active infrastructure featuring virtually unlimited number of nodes. In addition, multivendor interoperability enables flexible designs which are easy to setup, operate, maintain and expand. POSITAL Ethernet/IP encoder is a well developed and proven Ethernet solution suitable for real time applications with large sensor network, requiring efficient yet time critical data “anytime and anywhere”. The internal diagnostics functionality makes the encoder even more reliable.

Tags: EtherNet IP, Rotary Encoder

1-Axis Motion Controller Has Onboard Brushless/Brush Servo Drive


Greenville, DE — Servo2Go.com has just added Galil Motion Control’s New Econo Series Motion Controller with Ethernet & Onboard Servo Drive, the CDS-3310, to its broad range of high performance cost effective Ethernet based Motion controllers.

Galil Motion Control recently released the CDS-3310 single-axis controller and drive system designed to provide high performance and precise control of a single brush or brushless servo motor. According to the company, it combines a programmable motion controller and 500-Watt drive in a single, compact package that eliminates the external wiring between the controller and drive.

Tags: EtherNet IP

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