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MAGNETOCODE Heavy Duty Encoders

MAGNETOCODE Heavy Duty Encoders

The compact magnetic heavy duty encoders are available in a stainless steel and a cost-efficient steel version with different interfaces. Special constructive features ensure up to IP69K protection throughout the long lifetime of the encoder. Combined with the sturdy ball bearings these sensors offer an ideal choice for reliable measurements under extreme environmental conditions such as great temperature fluctuations, high humidity, high-pressure water or salty liquids (according DIN EN ISO 9227 >240 hrs). Whereas the stainless steel encoders can also be used in the offshore and food industry the cost efficient steel version is perfectly suited for the demands of mobile machines.

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New company overview brochure

New company overview brochure

An overview of what Ingenia offers across different markets and applications. From custom servo drives and Motion control solutions to commercial off-the-shelf products or engineering services:

  • Custom servo drives
  • Advanced Motion control solutions
  • DC servo drives
  • AC servo drives
  • CANopen connectivity
  • Engineering, training and support services
Tags: CANopen, Servo Drive Amplifier, Catalog Literature CD

Operator Panel with CANopen Interface provides Cost-effective HMI for Machine Builders


Baldor Electric has added a compact IP65-rated operator panel with a CANopen interface to its range of motion control products. The operator panel provides machine designers and builders with a very cost-effective means of implementing simple human-machine interfaces. It is also a scalable control solution – an optional plug-in digital I/O module facilitates simple system expansion.

Tags: CANopen, HMI Software

Miniaturized Positioning Controller by Maxon


maxon's New EPOS2 24/2 was developed specifically for commanding and controlling in the CANopen network. USB and RS232 are available as further communication interfaces. The variety of operating modes, such as position, velocity and current mode, means they can be used in automation technology, tool building and in mechatronic drive systems. There are also functions such as Step/Direction Mode for the incrementally controlled movement of the motor shaft or Master Encoder Mode for applying the drive as electronic gearing.

Tags: CANopen, Motion Controller

Applied Motion Products builds on its CANopen range with the addition of the STAC6 CANopen


Greenville, DE- Servo2Go has just added new CANopen models to its broad range of Programmable Stepper Motor Drive Systems from Applied Motion Products.

The STAC6 Step Motor Drive has proven itself in demanding applications, such as packaging and labeling machines, delivering up to up to 1400 oz-in with AMPs compatible range of low-loss, high performance step motors.

STAC6 drives are rated at 6A for the 110V version and 3.2A with the 220VAC version.

Tags: CANopen, Servo Drive Amplifier

Certified SIL CL 3 Encoder with CANopen Safety Interface


The proven optical absolute encoders from POSITAL's OPTOCODE series are now also available as a safety version. The new addition to its product portfolio was developed in cooperation with the FRABA group sister company VITECTOR, which specializes in safety sensors. The new encoders fulfill the requirements of IEC 61508, EN 62061 and thus comply with the new Machinery Directive. Operated with protective extra low voltage (PELV), they are suitable for use in drive technology, lift applications, mobile machines, construction machinery and machine tools.

Tags: Absolute Encoder, CANopen

POSITAL FRABA High Resolution CANopen Inclinometers


ANGUSENS Specifications:

  • Measuring Range: ± 5, ± 15 or ± 30 Degrees
  • High resolution of ≤ 0.001°
  • Protection Class: IP67
  • Rugged Three-Point-Mounting on the Housing
  • Connection: 8pin Round Connector


Tags: CANopen, Inclinometer

POSITAL MDW linear measurement devices offer accuracy, versatility and long service life


FRABA has introduced POSITAL MDW, a high-performance linear measurement device that is ideal for many industrial and medical equipment positioning applications. It combines a high-precision magnetic rotary encoder with a robust draw-wire mechanism to provide a measurement range of up to 2 m at a resolution of 35 µm (1.3x10-3 inch).

Tags: CANopen, Serial Synchronous Interface SSI, Velocity Speed Length

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