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MAC800 Motors in IP65 (Waterproof) Models by JVL


JVL informs that, like the smaller MAC50-141 (46 to 134W) motors, JVL’s large MAC800 motor (750W) is now available in a model that offers IP65 protection. This makes the MAC800 well-suited for applications in more demanding environments such as are common in the food processing industries.

Tags: AC Motor

Micro-Drives Expands Its DC Micromotor Product Line with the Addition of the Series M4870U


The DC micromotor has an external motor-diameter of 48 mm and a length of 70 mm. The DC micromotor can achieve a stall torque of 42.7 mNm and speeds of up to 11,000 rpm. The DC micromotor has an iron-core construction and possesses a graphite commutation systemwhich ensures long-life even under overload conditions. The 4.0 mm diameter motor shaft ensures high rotational stability.

Tags: DC Motor

New Right Angle from alpha Adds Value and Versatility


With its sleek design, LPK+ combines real advantages for a variety of applications:

Tags: Gearhead, Gearmotor Right Angle

Neugart Planetary Servo-Gearheads with Rotating Flange


The rotating flange output is based on the EN IS0 94009 standard. It is a very versatile, compact interface for mechanical components used in automation and robotics. Neugart is currently the only manufacturer offering this output interface for planetary servo geraheads in the value economy E-class. The inline planetary PLFE and right angle, bevel planetary WPLFE is currently available in 3 sized, torques up to 260 Nm continuous or 416 Nm intermitted.

Tags: Gearhead

Mission Phoenix  the New Journey to Mars and Again with Maxon Motors


NASA started a new mission to the red planet Mars. The major task of the Phoenix Mission is to look for signs of life on Mars. On board are two microscopes, an excavator shovel and seven maxon electro-motors. After a nine month journey, the “Phoenix-Mars-Lander” is anticipated to arrive on Mars in May 2008.

Tags: DC Motor

Gearheads - Stober Drives has a Large Offering of Wash Down Servo Reducers


With a large variety of Stober wash down servo gear reducers you can design in exactly what you need. No longer limit your design to what’s available, ideas for beverage or food environments.

Tags: Gearhead

Servo Motor - Parker Releases High-Torque MPP Servo Motors


Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces the release of two high-torque motors from its MaxPlusPlus (MPP) servo motor family. The new higher-performance MPP230 and MPP270 offer the torque users need for high-power applications such as press feeders, tube benders and plastic extruders.

Tags: Servo Motor

Portescap 25mm Brushed Ironless DC Motors


West Chester, PA – 25mm Brushed Ironless DC Motors from Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, now feature a unique carbon brush commutation method to deliver long life and operational efficiency in high volume manufacturing applications.

“Unlike the axial spring commutation configuration common to most brush DC motors, 25mm Brushed Ironless DC Motors from Portescap offer a rotational spring that delivers constant spring force, which extends brush life and minimizes motor sensitivity to vibration shocks,” says Udayan Senapati, Ph.D, Portescap Product Line Manager.

Tags: DC Motor

Servo Motor - ABRT Series Rotary Air-Bearing Stage


• High torque output, direct-drive slotless, brushless servo motor

• Zero cogging motor for outstanding velocity stability

• Outstanding error motion and wobble performance

• Direct coupled, high-accuracy rotary encoder

• Large diameter clear aperture

• No mechanical contact

Tags: Servo Motor

Stepper Motor - Miniature Stepper Motor from MicroMo Electronics


Precision with every Step in 12mm Miniature Stepper Motor

Tags: Stepper Motor

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