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Portescap 25mm Brushed Ironless DC Motors


West Chester, PA – 25mm Brushed Ironless DC Motors from Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, now feature a unique carbon brush commutation method to deliver long life and operational efficiency in high volume manufacturing applications.

“Unlike the axial spring commutation configuration common to most brush DC motors, 25mm Brushed Ironless DC Motors from Portescap offer a rotational spring that delivers constant spring force, which extends brush life and minimizes motor sensitivity to vibration shocks,” says Udayan Senapati, Ph.D, Portescap Product Line Manager.

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Servo Motor - ABRT Series Rotary Air-Bearing Stage


• High torque output, direct-drive slotless, brushless servo motor

• Zero cogging motor for outstanding velocity stability

• Outstanding error motion and wobble performance

• Direct coupled, high-accuracy rotary encoder

• Large diameter clear aperture

• No mechanical contact

Tags: Servo Motor

Stepper Motor - Miniature Stepper Motor from MicroMo Electronics


Precision with every Step in 12mm Miniature Stepper Motor

Tags: Stepper Motor

Servo Motor Coupling - Torsional Stiffness In Medical Actuation Systems


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Medical systems such as scanners, DNA analyzers and X-ray equipment requiring consistent, precision linear positioning benefit from the next generation of ServoClass® Couplings from Zero-Max. These new ServoClass Couplings have even higher torsional stiffness than previous models. They are the ideal coupling for handling high speed reversing loads and precise positioning requirements in today's demanding medical servomotor applications.

Tags: Servo Motor, Couplings

Dc Motor - 16mm Brushless DC Motor


Maxon’s “EC 16” brushless dc motor is electronically commutated, thus enabling extremely long motor life, since there are simply no mechanical brushes to wear out. Using electronic commutation also minimizes electrical noise. Utilizing high-energy neodymium magnets results in a very responsive motor while minimizing overall size. Motors are available in three versions to provide for maximum flexibility: with hall sensors, sensorless, or with integrated electronics

Tags: DC Motor

DC Motor - Brushless Dc Servo Motor by MicroMo Electronics is Powerful and Sterilizable


20mm Brushless DC Servomotor

Tags: DC Motor, Servo Motor

Servo Motor - New Parker MPN Servo Motors Replace Rockwell N-Series


Parker's Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces the release of its MPN series of brushless servo motors. The MPN motors are designed to replace the now-obsolete N-Series motors recently discontinued by Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley. The MPN offers more torque per frame size than the existing N-Series motors.

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Servo Motor - Fluid Cooled Servo Motors


Infranor USA has announced the availability of fluid cooled motor designs in virtually all frame sizes of their radial magnetic flux type servo motors. The coolant flows is a helical pattern designed for optimal stator heat removal. Actual motor ratings are determined by external heat transfer, flow rate and coolant material. Typical coolants are water, glycol, or oil. Special fittings and fitting placements can accommodate custom requirements. Ask Infranor USA for your application question or request additional product information through the link on this Web page. Infranor Inc.

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DC Motor - Gearheads, Gearmotors, DC Motors and X-Y Positioning Stages


Parker Releases New Products & Systems Catalog

Tags: DC Motor, Gearhead

Gearheads - Near Zero-Backlash High Torque Gearhead


RD-E High Performance Gearheads from Nabtesco combine large torque capacity, heavy external load support capabilities and precision (less than 1 arc-min) in one complete ready-to-mount package. By utilizing the Nabtesco patented 2-stage cycloidal technology the RD-E can supply large torque, high-ratios and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and excellent quality.

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