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Planetary Gears

Precision Planetary Rack and Pinion Drive Systems

Precision Planetary Rack and Pinion Drive Systems from Atlanta Drive Systems


ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. offers an expansion of their range of Precision Planetary Rack & Pinion Drive Systems. There are now three different planetary drive systems available, with helical or straight (spur) rack & pinions, to meet any application requirements.

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Pittman Motors expands PLG Planetary Gearbox offering

Pittman Motors expands PLG Planetary Gearbox offering

Pittman Motors has significantly expanded its gearbox offerings with the introduction of PLG24, PLG42K, PLG42S, PLG52, and PLG63 planetary gearboxes. These gearboxes are now available with Pittman brush and brushless DC motors and complement Pittman’s existing spur and planetary gearbox lines. The new products add 35 standard motor-gearbox family combinations to the Pittman offerings.

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MicroMo-Faulhaber 15 / 10 Planetary Gearhead Series - High Torque Precision Gearhead in a 15mm Package

FAULHABER  expands its product portfolio of precision gearheads with a 15mm diameter planetary gearhead that delivers high torque performance from a robust stainless steel design. The use of hardened materials and high precision manufacturing processes allow FAULHABER to achieve intermittent torque up to 500 mNm, with a 350 mNm continuous duty torque.

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Right Angle Spiroid Gear - Designed to achieve maximum torque with minimal space

Right Angle Spiroid Gear from Maxon Precision Motors
maxon precision motors introduces right angle gearheads designed to be configured with maxon’s 22mm and 32mm dc motors.  These compact, lightweight and high torque gearheads were developed to transmit power at 90deg in the smallest possible form factor. The Spiroid® technology incorporated in the gearhead design offers a number of performance benefits.

Tags: Gearhead, Gearmotor Right Angle, Planetary Gears

SHA Series AC servo actuators

SHA Series AC servo actuators from Harmonic Drive LLC
The new SHA brushless servo-actuator provides the highest torque density of any actuator in its class. Positional accuracy better than 1 arc-min and ±5 arc-sec repeatability is achieved while delivering up to 30,000 in-lb of torque. A robust cross-roller bearing allows mounting of large loads directly to the actuator without additional support.

Tags: Servo Motor, Planetary Gears, Harmonic Gearing

Neugart Calculation Program version 3.0 Sizing Software available for download

Neugart Calculation Program version 3.0 Sizing Software is now available for download
Neugart GmbH is pleased to inform you that with immediate effect, the new update version 3.0 of the NCP (Neugart Calculation Program) is available for download free of charge on our homepage. What is NCP able to do and when can I use this software?

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HLAE the New Neugart Hygenic Planetary Gearhead

HLAE the New Neugart Hygenic Plantary Gearhead
Motion control components aren't always as hygienic as you need them to be. Our new HLAE gearbox, however, is designed from the ground up for use in food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries with stringent manufacturing hygiene standards.

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BLDC motor EC 19 and planetary gearhead GP 19 M

BLDC motor EC 19 and planetary gearhead GP 19 M from Maxon Precision Motors
The new brushless drive with a diameter of 19 mm has been specially designed for high speeds and features low heat development and extremely quiet and low-vibration running. This little powerhouse has applications in centers for miniaturized processing, hand-held tools and medical technology. When combined with planetary gearheads, many possible variations are available for applications in these key markets.

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Choose what fits best to your Application

N-series high precision planetary-servo-gearhead from Neugart USA
In engineering there is NO One Size Fits All!  One style, one procedure, one design would not fit in all related applications. This is also the case with helical gears in planter gearboxes. Whereas gears with a certain carefully selected helix angle will generate less noise and run smoother, from the load torque density point of view in planetary gear systems zero helix angle gears facilitate higher load ability and longer life.

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HPN Planetary Gears - affordable and are available with short lead times

HPN Planetary Gears from Harmonic Drive LLC
HPN Planetary gearheads feature a robust design utilizing helical gears for quiet performance and long life. These gearheads are available with short lead times and are designed to couple to any servomotor with our Quick-Connect coupling. This new value series of planetary gears carry the reputation for quality and reliability for which Harmonic Drive™ products are known throughout the world.

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