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Highest Torque Density offered by the Neugart E series servo gearheads

Neugart E series servo-gearheads offer high torque density
How is Torque-Density (TD) beneficial for the customer? Torque density is defined as the torque loadability, torque rating per size-envelope (volume or weight). Gearheads are selected based on the torque rating hence higher TD means: smaller size gearbox (more compact), lower weight, lower cost (more torque per $). Smaller size & lower weight has additional benefits such as: increased efficiency, higher allowable rpm's, lower noise.

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CSF Series Mini Gearheads

CFS series of mini gearhead from Harmonic Drive LLC
The Harmonic Drive CFS series of mini gearhead provide high positioning accuracy in a very compact package with a 4-point ball bearing mounted in the main shaft. The CFS mini gearhead series comes in four types; the 2XH-F, the 2XH-J, the 1U and 1U-CC. Each gearhead is designed for servomotor and specific applications.

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MicroMo-Faulhaber 15 / 10 Planetary Gearhead Series - High Torque Precision Gearhead in a 15mm Package

FAULHABER  expands its product portfolio of precision gearheads with a 15mm diameter planetary gearhead that delivers high torque performance from a robust stainless steel design. The use of hardened materials and high precision manufacturing processes allow FAULHABER to achieve intermittent torque up to 500 mNm, with a 350 mNm continuous duty torque.

Tags: Gearhead, Planetary Gears

Right Angle Spiroid Gear - Designed to achieve maximum torque with minimal space

Right Angle Spiroid Gear from Maxon Precision Motors
maxon precision motors introduces right angle gearheads designed to be configured with maxon’s 22mm and 32mm dc motors.  These compact, lightweight and high torque gearheads were developed to transmit power at 90deg in the smallest possible form factor. The Spiroid® technology incorporated in the gearhead design offers a number of performance benefits.

Tags: Gearhead, Gearmotor Right Angle, Planetary Gears

Torque Supporter Rack Pinion Drive System

Torque Supporter Rack Pinion Drive System from Atlanta Drive Systems
ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to offer a range of "Torque Supporter" Precision Rack & Pinion Drive Systems that can handle highly dynamic and heavy loads. These systems utilize precision planetary reducers with an integral output housing and outboard bearing to provide a rigid support to the output pinion.

Tags: Robotics, Gearhead

SHG High Torque Gearhead offered in Standard and Lightweight Series

SHG High Torque Gearhead offered in Standard and Lightweight Series by Harmonic Drive LLC
The SHG-2UH series is a compact hollow shaft gearhead which has zero backlash as well as exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The gearhead incorporates a Harmonic Drive® gear component into an integral housing. In addition to the hollow shaft, the gearhead also features a high capacity cross roller bearing and output flange to mount the load without the need for additional support bearings.

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Strong Line Class of Gear Racks

Strong Line Class of Gear Racks from Atlanta Drive Systems
ATLANTA Drive Systems offers a class of precision gear racks which offer several significant advantages over traditional gear racks. The "Strong Line" class of gear racks from ATLANTA utilizes an innovative carburized case-hardening process to increase the strength of the rack, including the tooth flanks and root, which maximizes its power density, stiffness and performance.

Tags: Gearhead, Mechanical Component

Harmonic Drive LLC offers Lightweight Gearheads - 20 to 30 percent lighter gearheads available with the same specs

Harmonic Drive LLC offers Lightweight Gearheads
Harmonic Drive LLC, a leader in high precision motion control introduces new lightweight versions of select gearhead products. These new gearheads are ideal for designs where weight is a critical factor. Building on the success of Harmonic Drive LLCs current CSF, CSG, SHG, and SHF gear units, new lightweight versions were the next logical evolution of the product lines.

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More to configure - Motor, gearhead and encoder tailored to your needs - The maxon X drives family of configurable products is growing

Motor, gearhead and encoder - The maxon X drives family of configurable products is growing
Like all motors in the DCX series, these brushed DC motors feature high power density and low vibration. In addition to the technical highlights, the program's appeal lies in the configuration options. Motors, gearheads and encoders may be selected and ordered online. After only 11 working days, even complex drive systems are ready to be shipped. Detailed product data can be viewed online immediately, and 3D data for the configuration is available for downloading. 

Tags: DC Motor, Gearhead, Motion Sensors

HPN Planetary Gears - affordable and are available with short lead times

HPN Planetary Gears from Harmonic Drive LLC
HPN Planetary gearheads feature a robust design utilizing helical gears for quiet performance and long life. These gearheads are available with short lead times and are designed to couple to any servomotor with our Quick-Connect coupling. This new value series of planetary gears carry the reputation for quality and reliability for which Harmonic Drive™ products are known throughout the world.

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