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Highest Torque Density offered by the Neugart E series servo gearheads

Neugart E series servo-gearheads offer high torque density
How is Torque-Density (TD) beneficial for the customer? Torque density is defined as the torque loadability, torque rating per size-envelope (volume or weight). Gearheads are selected based on the torque rating hence higher TD means: smaller size gearbox (more compact), lower weight, lower cost (more torque per $). Smaller size & lower weight has additional benefits such as: increased efficiency, higher allowable rpm's, lower noise.

Tags: Servo Motor, Gearbox, Gearhead

EC044A Series of Slotted Brushless DC Motors High-Performance Motors Offered in 44-mm Diameter Package

EC044A Slotted Brushless DC Motors - High-Performance Motors in a 44-mm Diameter Package from Pittman Ametek


PITTMAN® Motors, a business unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has introduced its latest offering in a broad range of DC brush and DC brushless motors: EC044A Series of slotted brushless DC motors. The EC044A Series is designed with three motor lengths and 24 winding variations to suit most every project.  Custom lengths and windings are available to further maximize exacting end-product requirements.

Tags: Brushed DC Motor, Brushless DC Motor, DC Motor

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions adds size 8 Double Stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions adds size 8 Double Stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuators
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a recognized leader in linear motion solutions, has introduced its 21000 Series (Size 8) double-stack linear actuators. As the newest addition to the company’s extensive hybrid motor line, the actuators incorporate some of today’s most advanced motion technology. The compact actuators occupy just 0.8 sq. in. (21 mm2) and include numerous patented innovations that help to deliver high performance and endurance from a very small package.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Stepper Motor

Pittman Motors expands PLG Planetary Gearbox offering

Pittman Motors expands PLG Planetary Gearbox offering

Pittman Motors has significantly expanded its gearbox offerings with the introduction of PLG24, PLG42K, PLG42S, PLG52, and PLG63 planetary gearboxes. These gearboxes are now available with Pittman brush and brushless DC motors and complement Pittman’s existing spur and planetary gearbox lines. The new products add 35 standard motor-gearbox family combinations to the Pittman offerings.

Tags: Gearbox, Planetary Gears

Arcus USB Driver with Raspberry Pi

Arcus USB Driver with Raspberry Pi
Arcus presents a step by step Addendum on how to control Arcus USB Driver with Raspberry PI. In this demo, Arcus USB Motor, DMX-J-SA-17 and Raspberry PI B+ are used. Arcus provides a convenient evaluation package to evaluate the system.

Tags: Stepper Motor, Motor Control

Air Bearing Stage and Systems introduced by PI at Photonics West

Air Bearing Stage and Systems by PI
Precision motion leader PI (Physik Instrumente) has introduced their new air bearing stage and system capabilities at this year's Photonics West conference, to complement their comprehensive range of piezo nano positioning stages and hexapod micro positioning systems. With the 2014 acquisition of Nelson Air Bearing Products of New Hampshire, PI is building on over 200 man-years of in-house air bearing experience to offer linear, planar XY, and rotary air bearing stages to serve both the research and industrial markets.

Tags: Linear Stage, X Y Positioning, Rotary Stage

High Speed Rotation Stages Offer Rapid Positioning

RSB Series and RSB-E Series motorized high speed rotation stages from Zaber Technologies
Zaber’s new RSB Series and RSB-E Series motorized high speed rotation stages feature a compact footprint, low profile, and a load capacity of up to 20 kg; RSB-E stages also include a built-in encoder for closed-loop operation and slip/stall recovery features. With a maximum rotational speed of up to 300 rpm, these stages are ideal for rapid positioning of light loads. A belt drive also allows for positioning with low noise and low backlash.

Tags: Rotary Stage

CSF Series Mini Gearheads

CFS series of mini gearhead from Harmonic Drive LLC
The Harmonic Drive CFS series of mini gearhead provide high positioning accuracy in a very compact package with a 4-point ball bearing mounted in the main shaft. The CFS mini gearhead series comes in four types; the 2XH-F, the 2XH-J, the 1U and 1U-CC. Each gearhead is designed for servomotor and specific applications.

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MICROMOs New FAULHABER 2057 BHS Brushless DC Servo Motor Robust, High Speed Motors for Medical and Dental Handpieces

MICROMO / FAULHABER 2057 BHS  Brushless DC Servo Motor
The new FAULHABER 2057BHS Brushless DC Servo Motors are designed to address the specific requirements of the medical and dental handpiece markets. While remaining cool to the touch, the high efficiency, slotless design features smooth speed control with a wide continuous duty speed range up to 40,000 rpm. The motors are capable of handling intermittent overload conditions to address highly dynamic motion over shorter cycle times.

Tags: Brushless DC Motor, Servo Motor

Precision Hollow Shaft Stage with NEMA 23 Attributes from Applimotion

Applimotion NEMA 23 Servo Motor System
Applimotion introduces a direct drive, precision servo motor system in a compact NEMA 23 footprint. The unique rotary stage is a customizable, hollow shaft direct drive motor system with a precision encoder and bearings in a convenient NEMA 23 compatible package. For years, OEMs have routinely designed Applimotion ULT, UTH, UTS, and UTO frameless motor kits into unique direct drive systems.

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