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Motion Sensors

Intelligent Device motivates the easy mounting Encoder module


HONEST SENSOR - HS series of Kit Encoder HS30A HS30B HS56 all composed of the high intelligent device solution to the base and cover mounting, disc design, push-on–hub and the optional output including with single-ended and differential, comprising three channel A / B / Index complimentary in accordance with any standard to customized appliance respectively.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

POSITAL FRABA High Resolution CANopen Inclinometers


ANGUSENS Specifications:

  • Measuring Range: ± 5, ± 15 or ± 30 Degrees
  • High resolution of ≤ 0.001°
  • Protection Class: IP67
  • Rugged Three-Point-Mounting on the Housing
  • Connection: 8pin Round Connector


Tags: CANopen, Inclinometer

POSITAL Fraba offers Absolute Position Sensors


Encoders with DeviceNet Interface:

Tags: Absolute Encoder

Extended Contact Bearing Motorized Goniometers by OptoSigma


OptoSigma Corporation's 40mm extended contact bearing motorized goniometer features:

Tags: Goniometer

Absolute multi turn encoders with the integrated servo motors MAC400 and MAC800 from JVL


JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, a world leader in integrated servo and stepper motors, now offers yet another feature: The integrated servo MAC400 and MAC800, can now be delivered with built-in absolute multi-turn encoders, with a multi-turn resolution of +/-2048 whole turns, and a single-turn resolution of either 8000 or 8192 (software-selectable) with option for higher resolutions.

Tags: Absolute Encoder, Servo Motor, Servo Drive Amplifier

LD200 is the new Display joining the Lika POSICONTROL range


The major innovation of LD200 universal display is the possibility to connect every kind of transducer.

The LD200 can be connected to:

  • rotary and linear incremental encoders
  • rotary and linear absolute encoders
  • magnetic sensors
  • linear transducers with 1Vpp
  • rotary transducers with 1Vpp

LD200 features include:

Tags: Electronic Component, Transducer

Lika Electronic offers the IT65 Rotary Incremental Encoder


Lika Electronic IT65 rotary incremental encoder generates up to 10000 PPR, has a square flange, an optional temperature range from -40 to 100°C, and a radial/axial load of 100N. Output options include NPN, PNP, Push-Pull, Line Driver, PP/LD universal circuit.
IT65 is a preferential encoder available on stock.

The company is ISO 9001 certified. It offers rotary and linear optical encoders and accessories, magnetic measurement systems, displays and position controllers.

Tags: Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder

Servo2Go DC Tachometer Generators Feature Low Ripple


Greenville, DE- Servo2Go has just added a new high performance DC Tachometer Generator to its broad range of analog feedback devices.

Manufactured by Servo-Tek Products Company Inc., the CS-7514F-51C tachometer

Tags: Tachometer

POSITAL MDW linear measurement devices offer accuracy, versatility and long service life


FRABA has introduced POSITAL MDW, a high-performance linear measurement device that is ideal for many industrial and medical equipment positioning applications. It combines a high-precision magnetic rotary encoder with a robust draw-wire mechanism to provide a measurement range of up to 2 m at a resolution of 35 µm (1.3x10-3 inch).

Tags: CANopen, Serial Synchronous Interface SSI, Velocity Speed Length

3 Phase Brushless Linear Motor from H2W Technologies


The short encapsulated moving coil assembly moves through a gap in the long "U" shaped magnet assembly. A customer supplied bearing system is required to guide the moving coil assembly and to maintain a .025″ [0.63 mm] clearance between the magnet and the coil assembly.

The power to the motor (from a customer supplied PWM 3 phase brushless servo amplifier) is supplied to the moving secondary via a power cable.

Larger motors with higher forces are available, consult factory for details and drawings.

Tags: Hall Effect Sensor, Linear Motor

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