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Motion Sensors

Fast Piezo Focusing Systems for Microscopy introduced at BIOS: Digital and more Affordable


San Francisco, CA - Piezo systems specialist PI introduces a new, more affordable series of Fast Piezo Focusing devices at the 2011 BIOS (Biomedical Optics) meeting, the world’s largest and most prestigious international biomedical optics and imaging conference, held in conjunction with SPIE’s Photonics West.

The new PIFOC® system packages are designed to improve results in fast focusing & lens positioning as well as in deconvolution / 3D imaging, and to reduce costs at the same time.

Tags: Machine Vision

Absolute Shaft Encoder

Absolute Shaft Encoder

Size SR12 Absolute Shaft Encoder 8 Bits, 9 Bits

• Size 12 dia, 1/4” Shaft Single-turn
• 256 (8 bits), 512 (9 bits) Resolution
• Natural Binary, Parallel 5v outputs Analog 0-10v outputs, 12-30v input
• Std. 3 ft. cable w/2x6 header conn. (Parallel outputs)
• 3 pos. terminal block for Analong outputs

Tags: Absolute Encoder

Series MPG-N1 Size 20 Hand Wheel

Series MPG-N1 Size 20 Hand Wheel

• 2” O.D. Compact size MPG
• Panel plate Sandwich design
• Black Plastic dial & body with matt finish
• 100 ppr Std., 25 ppr Option
• Dual Quadrature Channels
• Linedriver 5v, 5-26v and TTL 8-26v Outputs

Tags: Rotary Encoder

New Web Store Sells Resolvers and Encoders Direct


Terryville, CT – AMCI announces the launch of its new online store, AMCI Direct – a direct online source for purchasing size 11 resolvers and size 15 magnetic encoders. All products are currently in-stock and available to ship within 2-3 business days. AMCI’s reputation as a leading manufacturer of rotary position sensors was built through their ability to ensure stock on popular industrial sizes, while delivering per unit prices that rival volume discounts by competing manufacturers.

Tags: Resolvers

Optical Rotary Encoder with Ethernet POWERLINK Interface


Real-Time Interface

Ethernet POWERLINK is an open and completely software based solution that is promoted by the EPSG (Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group). It is a real-time protocol that is based on the CANopen back bone. The encoders from FRABA POSITAL have a jitter for synchronization that is less than 1 micro seconds.

Tags: Optical Encoder

New Encoder from MicroE Systems’ Is World’s Smallest with Nanometer Resolution


MicroE Systems’ new Mercury II™ 6000 series of encoders sets a new benchmark for small sensor size with high resolution and accuracy. The sensor is only 8.2mm high, weights just 3 grams and provides output resolution as fine as 1.2 nanometers. The small, high-performance encoder system will enable a broad range of new capabilities in compact motion control stages and positioners through a combination of accurate nanometer-level positioning, compact system design, and unprecedented affordability for this level of performance.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

OCD II CANopen – High Performance Absolute Rotary Encoder


High Performance - The new OCD II CANopen series has been designed to be more compact and have better performance. Like all OPTOCODE encoders, the new models use a tried and tested optoelectronic scanning method to record positional values. The single-turn sensor provides a resolution of up to 16 bit per revolution (0.05º) and the Multi-turn unit registers a maxi-mum of 16,384 revolutions (14 bit), thereby covering an overall measuring range of 30 bit. Use of a fully integrated CAN controller has optimized the architecture and reduced the cost.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

Optical Sensor for Rotational Speed Measurement of Large and Hollow Shafts


Hamilton, New Jersey - OPTIPACT motion sensors from FRABA provide an innovative and easy-to-implement way of determining rota-tional or translational velocities of machinery or product in a wide variety of applications. OPTIPACT sensors are built around an optical system similar to a digital camera: the velocity of a moving object is determined by monitoring the rate at which an image of the object travels across the surface of the optical sensor.

Tags: Machine Vision, Motion Sensors

AMCI Expands Selection of Size 11 Resolvers


Terryville, CT - AMCI announces recent mechanical advancements made to the R11 (size 11 resolvers) that increase reliability and maximize equipment uptime. Available with over 50 different configurations, AMCI's industry standard size 11 resolvers are easily crossed as direct replacement resolvers in a number of applications.
Expanded Selection and Compatibility
Additional options recently made available for OEM, Military and other applications include radiation hardened, submersible, and gearhead units.

Tags: Resolvers

Aerotech IP66 Rated Direct Drive Rotary Stages Bring High Accuracy Motion to Hostile Environments


The ASRT is an IP66-rated, direct-drive, sealed rotary stage that provides precise angular positioning in hostile environments where dirt, dust, cutting fluids and fluid jets are present. Applications range from industrial machining automation to precision sensor positioning in hostile environments, and the ASRT is also an effective solution for precise rotary motion in product environmental test and range tracking applications.

Tags: Rotary Encoder, Rotary Actuator

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