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Velocity Speed Length

High Force Air Bearing XY Voice Coil Positioning Stage

High Force Air Bearing XY voice coil positioning stage (VCS08-700-08/350-AB-01-MC-XY) from H2W Technologies
H2W introduces its latest custom XY voice coil positioning stage (VCS08-700-08/350-AB-01-MC-XY) which is guided by precision air bearings.  This minimizes the amount of friction and reduces the pitch, yaw, and roll in the system.  The stage is driven by three NCC series moving coil type linear actuators which are guided by parallel air bearing shafts.  It is operated under closed loop position control.

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Precision Velocity Sensors Reduce Waste and Costs


Hamilton, NJ - INTACTON's COVIDIS velocity sensors provide highly accurate speed and length measurements for production of continuous goods like cable, non-woven's, paper, etc. Based on a unique high-precision, non-contacting optical imaging technology, COVIDIS sensors can measure the velocity of almost any material, regardless of surface texture. The measurable velocity range is 0 to 50 m/s (165 ft/sec) with an accuracy of ±0.05%.

Tags: Velocity Speed Length

Innovative Motion Sensors a Great Fit for Wind Turbines


FRABA’s OPTIPACT motion sensors measure velocity by calculating the rate at which an image of a moving surface travels across an optical sensor. With no contact between the sensor and the moving object, dust or surface contaminates won’t cause problems. OPTIPACT sensors provide an ideal way of determining rotor speed in wind turbines: just measure the velocity with which part of the rotor (e.g. nose cone or shaft) moves past a point on the body of the turbine. OPTIPACT motion sensors are compact, robust and ideal for primary or backup rotor speed regulation.

Tags: Velocity Speed Length

POSITAL MDW linear measurement devices offer accuracy, versatility and long service life


FRABA has introduced POSITAL MDW, a high-performance linear measurement device that is ideal for many industrial and medical equipment positioning applications. It combines a high-precision magnetic rotary encoder with a robust draw-wire mechanism to provide a measurement range of up to 2 m at a resolution of 35 µm (1.3x10-3 inch).

Tags: CANopen, Serial Synchronous Interface SSI, Velocity Speed Length

The practicable detective function for measuring wheel encoder applied in the length of Square Area.


Measuring Wheel Encoder was defined as the wheel type encoder which was assembled with two wheels to as the most prominent characteristic combining with the core of optical components. Not only stable output signal of the wheel encoder but also the longer lifetime for the operation environment. The substance of wheel composed of the rubber material enable to be wore under the long time working condition comprising two type of the wheel to select such as Meter Wheel or Yard Wheel to be alternate solution offering.

Tags: Velocity Speed Length

Durable cable transducer offers simple, adaptable installation


BEI Industrial Encoders' new linear cable transducer provides digital position and speed feedback information in a rugged, easy-to-install package. Model LT25 cable transducer utilizes a flexible measuring cable mounted to an internal spring-loaded spool and a quadrature encoder output to precisely measure linear motion applications. The sturdy cable is made of nylon coated stainless steel for ultimate strength and has a measurement range up to 125 inches.

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