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High accuracy, thermally stable Galvo Scanner for precision Laser Processing

High accuracy, thermally stable Nmark AGV-HPO Galvo scanner from Aerotech
Aerotech offers a high accuracy, open frame, thermally stable galvo scanner for a wide range of laser machining and etching applications. The new Nmark AGV-HPO scanner attains single-digit, micron-level accuracy over the field of view. It offers industry-leading resolution of >24 bits when used with Aerotech’s Nmark CLS controller, the company reports.

Tags: Machine Vision, Transducer

POSITAL-FRABA becomes Global Rockwell Encompass Partner

POSITAL-FRABA becomes Global Rockwell Encompass Partner
POSITAL-FRABA has been named as a global partner of Rockwell Automation’s Encompass™ program. (The company had previously been registered as an Encompass partner for Asia-Pacific and the Americas.) Through the Encompass Product Partnership, customers can quickly locate complementary products from POSITAL-FRABA and other vendors that best solve application challenges.

Tags: Inclinometer, Rotary Encoder, Transducer, Linear Motion

Yaw Position Sensor for Wind Turbines


For wind turbine applications, Micronor now offers high reliability Yaw Position Transducers based on its proven MR200 series modular sensor and control technology. These products monitor yaw position, direction, speed and cable twist while providing the necessary feedback to the yaw directional motor drive and brake control systems.

To provide proper coupling to the large yaw bull gear, MR200 series Wind Turbine Position Transducers can uniquely offer an external anti-backlash POM (polymer) pinion gear for increased accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

Tags: Transducer

Durable cable transducer offers simple, adaptable installation


BEI Industrial Encoders' new linear cable transducer provides digital position and speed feedback information in a rugged, easy-to-install package. Model LT25 cable transducer utilizes a flexible measuring cable mounted to an internal spring-loaded spool and a quadrature encoder output to precisely measure linear motion applications. The sturdy cable is made of nylon coated stainless steel for ultimate strength and has a measurement range up to 125 inches.

Tags: Transducer, Velocity Speed Length

Piezo Composite Patch Transducer Works as Actuator, Sensor, Energy Source & Energy Storage


PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. — a leading manufacturer of piezo-based precision motion-control equipment for engineering, nanotechnology, photonics and semiconductor applications — introduces the new P-876 line of piezo composite patch transducers.

Features & Advantages:

Tags: Transducer

New Absolute Position Feedback (APF) Option for Tol-O-Matic Actuators Eliminates Homing Routines on Reset


Tol-O-Matic has announced its new Absolute Position Feedback (APF) technology, the first fully-integrated linear actuator sensor that eliminates the need for homing routines. APF-equipped Tol-O-Matic actuators provide analog feedback to the controller or PLC to determine actual load position. Work point variances can also be accommodated throughout the cycle, eliminating stoppage for manual set-ups. Systems with APF provide position feedback as soon as power is applied, allowing immediate resumption from shutdowns, resets and power losses.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Transducer

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