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Rotary Encoder

MICROMO introduces the new FAULHABER IEH2-4096 Integrated Encoder - Best in its Class

MICROMO offers the FAULHABER IEH2-4096 Integrated Encoder
The new FAULHABER IEH2-4096 integrated encoder offers higher resolution, an expanded operating temperature range and improved speed control, especially in the low speed range. The new model lengthens the motor by just 1.4 mm and can be combined with numerous precious metal commutated DC micro motors. Because these are used in very small machines and assemblies, size plays a decisive role.

Tags: DC Motor, Rotary Encoder

Enhanced Fiber Optic Position Sensor Now Offers 14-Bit Resolution

Enhanced Fiber Optic Position Sensor Now Offers 14-Bit Resolution from Micronor
The Micronor MR330 series Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensor System now features 14-bit single-turn resolution.  The enhanced performance is accomplished via improved electronics and new firmware-based algorithm update to the MR330-1 SSI Controller Module which is backwards compatible with earlier units.  Rotary sensors are offered in two models - Standard MR332 and MRI Safe MR338.

Tags: Absolute Encoder, Rotary Encoder, Harmonic Gearing

IXARC Incremental Rotary Encoders

IXARC Incremental Rotary Encoders from POSITAL
Magnetic Durability Meets Optical Performance - IXARC magnetic encoders provide an incremental interface with A, B, Z, and inverted signals available as HTL (Push-Pull) or TTL (RS422). Any pulse count up to 16384 pulses per revolution is available.

Tags: Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder

Reinventing the Rotary Encoder: POSITAL introduces new high-performance IXARC encoders

POSITAL high-performance IXARC rotary encoder

POSITAL-FRABA has revolutionized the world of rotary encoders. The new IXARC encoders combine the accuracy and dynamic response of optical encoders with the ruggedness and compact form factor of magnetic encoders for true ‘go anywhere, do anything’ performance.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

Fiber Optic Junction Boxes protect Optical Links in Harsh Environments

MR398-JB Fiber Optic Junction Boxes protect Optical Links in Harsh Environments from Micronor


MR398-JB series Fiber Optic Junction Boxes are designed to join two fiber optic cables and environmentally protect the connection.  The product provides system designers with a  turnkey solution for installing optical interconnect "hard points" as part of a complete the cabling solution for the Micronor MR320/MR330 series fiber optic rotary and linear encoder systems.

Tags: Linear Encoder, Optical Encoder, Rotary Encoder

POSITAL Heavy Duty Magnetic Rotary Encoder

Heavy Duty Line of Magnetic Rotary Encoders from POSITAL Fraba

This multiturn absolute rotary encoder boasts a host of features that promises robustness against outdoor environments, making it ideal for use in mobile machinery. Compared to the other existing POSITAL magnetic rotary encoders, it has an enhanced housing and supports higher shaft loads.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

Heavy-duty rotary encoders: tough enough for offshore

Absolute Rotary Encoder by POSITAL Fraba

POSITAL's heavy-duty absolute rotary encoders feature shock and vibration resistant magnetic measuring elements housed in rugged 316L stainless steel housings that make them ideal for use in harsh environments such as offshore facilities, seagoing vessels, construction equipment or military vehicles.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

Reliable Positioning for Solar Tracking Systems

Positioning for Solar Tracking Systems with POSITAL rotary encoders


To get the most benefit from a solar tracking system, designers and operators must pay careful attention to the cost of the components that make up the system, their maintenance requirements and their ability to operate reliably under hot, damp, dusty and windy conditions.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

SSI Encoders for Unique Applications

Absolute Optical Encoders with SSI from POSITAL Fraba

The established optical absolute rotary encoders from POSITAL are available with SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface). SSI is an open platform that provides the user with a very flexible and efficient serial interface which enables the operation of up to 10 encoders on one data line.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

USB 2.0 real-time encoder interface adapter with BiSS and SSI for fast, interruption-free measurements

USB 2.0 real-time encoder interface adapter with BiSS and SSI by iC-Haus GmbH

With the BiSS-to-PC USB adapter MB4U, a BiSS master with high-speed connection is now available for the first time ever, enabling bidirectional data exchange with the available device memory at the same time as the cyclic output of measurements.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

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