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POSITAL Adds Communications Interfaces for IXARC Magnetic Encoders

POSITAL-Fraba adds Communications Interfaces for IXARC Magnetic Encoders
POSITAL-FRABA has introduced two new communications interfaces for its high-precision IXARC magnetic rotary encoders. These versatile, compact and cost-effective devices are now available with PROFINET and EtherCAT interfaces.The networking technologies supported by the new communications interfaces play important roles in factory automation control systems and in process industries.

Tags: Optical Encoder, Rotary Encoder

AS5047P Rotary Position Sensor

AS5047P Rotary Position Sensor from AMS USA Inc
Unparalleled accuracy over full temperature range at high speed in latest version of ams’ 47 series magnetic position sensor. New AS5047P with incremental ABI output is an ideal replacement for optical encoders and resolvers in motor and motion control systems that enables dramatically lower system costs while still providing high accuracy performance.

Tags: Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder, Motion Sensors

New POSITAL Hybrid Rotary Encoders Combine Incremental and Absolute Functionality

POSITAL Hybrid Rotary Encoders Combine Incremental and Absolute Functionality


POSITAL has introduced new models of its versatile IXARC magnetic encoders that combine incremental and absolute rotation measurement capabilities in a single, compact and highly robust package. Absolute encoders provide a control system with an accurate report of the rotational angle and rotation-count at a specific point in time, which makes them ideal for many machinery positioning tasks.

Tags: Absolute Encoder, Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder

POSITAL offers Programmable Rotary Encoders, convenient UBIFAST Programming Tool

POSITAL / Fraba Programmable IXARC Rotary Encoders UBIFAST Programming Tool

POSITAL offers a powerful new programming capability and tools for their IXARC series of rotary encoders. With these new capabilities, the performance characteristics of these POSITAL encoders can be extensively modified through software changes, without requiring changes to physical components. This increases the versatility of these devices for end users and helps distributors offer a wide range of options without having to increase the number of models held in inventory.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

Pittman Motors offers new compact Encoders for OEM Designs

Pittman Motors offers new compact E30C and E30D Optical Incremental Encoders for OEM Designs
Pittman Motors, a premier manufacturer of customized DC brush motors, brushless motors, and gear motors, has introduced the PITTMAN E30C and E30D optical incremental encoders to satisfy the demands of volume original equipment manufacturers for encoders in precision-motion control applications. The E30C and E30D encoders are small in diameter and low-profile, yet offer high resolutions and multichannel outputs in an economic design. 

Tags: Incremental Encoder, Optical Encoder

Capital Leasing Program for Measuring Equipment - Customized financing solutions for equipment purchases over $20,000

Capital Leasing Program for Measuring Equipment from Mitutoyo
Mitutoyo America Corporation, a leader in the field of precision measuring tools and instruments, is now offering customers a capital leasing program as an alternative to purchase. The program, which features a variety of lease options, customized financing solutions and flexible terms (12-84 months), is available for purchases over $20,000.

Tags: Machine Vision, Systems

Servo-Tek publishes a comprehensive DC Tachometer catalog

Servo-Tek DC Tachometer catalog
The new Servo-Tek Products Company tachometer catalog includes detailed specifications of all Servo-Tek high performance DC tachometers for precision speed control applications.  A Servo-Tek DC tachometer generator provides a convenient and economical means of converting rotational speed into an isolated analog voltage signal suitable for remote indication and control.
Tags: Tachometer, Catalog Literature CD

New contactless position sensor from ams provides reliable, software-compatible replacement for rotary encoders

AS5601 contactless rotary position sensor from ams AG
AS5601 is optimized for use in rotary knobs, and provides an innovative push-button function. The new AS5601 contactless rotary position sensor from ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading provider of high performance analog ICs and sensors, gives designers an extremely reliable replacement for conventional rotary encoders, while providing a software-compatible incremental quadrature output.

Tags: Hall Effect Sensor, Rotary Encoder

AMT Viewpoint Software Delivers a New Level of Intelligence to Rotary Encoders - Allows for Programmability and Diagnostics

CUI Inc AMT Viewpoint Software delivers a new level of intelligence to Rotary Encoders
CUI Inc announced availability of the AMT Viewpoint™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) to support their recently released AMT11 incremental and AMT31 commutation encoder series. The AMT family is a rugged, high accuracy encoder based on CUI’s proprietary capacitive encoder platform. Thanks to the unique technology, AMT encoders are not susceptible to contaminants that typically plague encoders in industrial environments.

Tags: Incremental Encoder, Software, Rotary Encoder

The POSITAL Advantage - Over 130,000 Varieties of Sensors

The POSITAL Advantage - Over 130,000 Varieties of Sensors available through Servo2Go.com
The POSITAL Advantage: Modularity and Mass-Customization. Until now, users of position and motion sensors have had to choose between low-cost standardized products and more expensive custom-built items.  For cost-sensitive applications, sensor builders have adopted mass production techniques, building large runs of identical products. The rotation sensors used in automotive ABS and stability control systems are good examples of high-volume, mass produced items.

Tags: Absolute Encoder, Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder

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