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Programmable Logic Controller PLC

SSI Interface for Networked PLCs

SSI Interface for Networked PLCs from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)
Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), announces the addition of their ANE2 SSI Interface Module to the AnyNET I/O family of PLC-based specialty I/O products.  AMCI’s AnyNET SSI Interface integrates a network connection and expansion capabilities to provide a modern, versatile SSI feedback solution for any PLC-based system.  The ANE2 expands up to six 2-channel modules, allowing users to interface up to 12 SSI sensors using a single network connection.

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The slimline solution for the control cabinet

c300 Cabinet Controller from Lenze America

Here comes our new Cabinet Controller c300. Based on the 3200 C, the c300 fits seamlessly into our platform which is built on a consistently modern system architecture. The benefits: within the Controller-based Automation system, the precisely tailored Controller c300 takes responsibility for all of your control tasks. It focusses primarily on basic control (PLC) and motion tasks. Space-saving and intelligent at the same time.

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Galil’s New RIO-47142 Pocket PLC with Two Ethernet Ports


Galil Motion Control, an industry leader in motion control technology, is announcing the latest product in their RIO Pocket PLC Series.  The new RIO-47142 includes an internal switch with two Ethernet ports for daisy-chaining multiple RIO units.  This allows management of an unlimited number of inputs and outputs without an external Ethernet switch.

Tags: Programmable Logic Controller PLC

Galils New Ladder Interface Software Simplifies Programming for Its RIO-471x0 Compact PLC


Galil Motion Control, an industry pioneer in motion control technology, offers their new Ladder Interface Software for converting Relay Ladder Logic programs into optimized, deterministic code for its compact RIO-471x0 programmable logic controller (PLC).

Tags: Software, Programmable Logic Controller PLC

RIO 47202 Pocket PLC by Galil provides Screw Terminals and Expanded Memory


Rocklin, CA - Galil Motion Control, developer of the RIO Pocket PLC series for intelligent and cost-effective I/O handling, now offers their RIO-47202 Pocket PLC that provides screw-terminals and expanded program memory, variables, arrays and programmable PID control loops. The new RIO-47202 provides 400 lines of program memory and 254 symbolic variables which are twice as many as the standard RIO. It also offers six programmable PID loops compared to two.

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AMCI and Rockwell Automation Release New PartnerNetwork Solutions Brochure


Terryville, CT - Rockwell Automation and Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) have released their first PartnerNetworkTM Solutions brochure. Over twenty years ago, AMCI was one of the first companies to partner with Rockwell Automation through the "Pyramid Solutions Program", now called the "EncompassTM Program". Rockwell Automation designed a new brochure that would recognize this 25 year relationship between AMCI and Rockwell Automation.

Tags: Programmable Logic Controller PLC

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