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Computer Numerical Control CNC

Ultra-high Accuracy CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

Ultra-high Accuracy CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine from Mitutoyo


Newest CMM realizes world-leading measurement accuracy of 0.28 μm.

Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the release of the latest LEGEX ultra-high accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The ultra-accurate LEGEX 4 surpasses conventional CMM performance to deliver world-leading accuracy in length measurement of E0,MPE = (0.28+L/1000) μm.

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Strato Apex 574 From Mitutoyo

Strato Apex 574 Coordinate Measuring Machine from Mitutoyo America
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the new STRATO-Apex574 Coordinate Measuring Machine to its STRATO-Apex line of CMMs. This new configuration offers a more compact footprint while still offering the same state-of-the-art blend of high-speed operation and highly accurate measurement. The STRATO-Apex574 is a compact bridge-type design featuring accuracy as low as 0.7µm.

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CMM SURFTEST PROBE System Eliminates Workpiece Changeover to Second Measurement Device

CMM SURFTEST PROBE System from  Mitutoyo

A leading manufacturer of surface roughness analysis instruments, Mitutoyo offers a wide range of products from hand-held portable units to advanced CNC models. Mitutoyo is now pleased to introduce the new SURFTEST PROBE and SURFPAK-SP software allowing surface roughness analysis on a Mitutoyo CNC CMM and eliminating the need for workpiece changeover to a second measurement device.

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Custom CNC is at heart of groundbreaking Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine with CNC Technology from NUM Corporation

Special CNC technology – and a unique flying optical system – help the new machine to slash traditional pricing levels. Customized CNC technology from NUM is helping the laser cutting machine manufacturer Favor Laser to accelerate product development and address new markets. Using special hardware and software designed by NUM, the Taiwanese company has developed a high precision laser cutter.

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Revolutionary Mitutoyo Ko-ga-me® compact, 3D CNC measuring system configures to almost any process

Mitutoyo Ko-ga-me® 3D CNC measuring system


Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of the innovative, new Ko-ga-me® measurement head - designed to bring full capability to applications where a compact, high-performance, 3D CNC, 2- or 3-axis measurement system would be ideal.

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CNC Router uses fully enclosed Cable Carrier that Rolls instead of Slides


East Providence, RI - A manufacturer of digitally controlled industrial cutters uses fully enclosed cable carriers from igus® on its CNC routers, which are designed to cut a variety of materials, including plastics, textiles, steel, wood, granite and marble. The cable carriers protect vital power and control cables from being damaged by flying debris during the cutting process.

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Rotary Encoder - Koyo MPG Series Size 30 Hand Wheel Encoder


US $135.00 (Sgl. Dial) S.R.P. List Price

US $150.00 (Dbl. Dial) S.R.P. List Price

For CNC Panels

Interchangeable with:

• Euchner • Nemicon • Sumtak • Fanuc


• Std. Interchangeable Designed

• Quadrature Dual Channels

• Linedriver 5vDC or Voltage 10 ~ 15vDC Output

Tags: Computer Numerical Control CNC, Rotary Encoder

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