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High Speed Data Acquisition Module for ControlLogix PLCs

High Speed Data Acquisition Module for ControlLogix PLCs from Advanced Micro Controls Inc (AMCI)


Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), introduces their 5274A High Speed Data Acquisition module for ControlLogix™.  AMCI’s 5274A is an analog input, high speed data acquisition module that plugs into the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and programs using RSLogix5000 (Studio 5000).  The module is referenced within the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ Encompass program, as its approved technology fills a gap within the Allen-Bradley product offering.

Tags: Analog, Motion Controller, Programmable Logic Controller PLC

Delta Robot with Scalable, Open-Architecture Robot Control

AEROTECH Delta Robot with Scalable, Open-Architecture Robot Control


The RCP-DELTA is available in four models that support payloads up to 3 kg, with X/Y operating ranges of 500/800/1100/1300 mm, and an optional continuous rotation about the Z axis (yaw). Extensive use of carbon fiber and light-weight aluminum results in a robot that is capable of sustaining 200 pick-and-place operations per minute with peak acceleration on the order of 15g. With absolute encoders on each motor the robot never has to be referenced, even after a loss of power.

Tags: Robotics, Machine Controller

Integrated Motor Control Assemblies - Open Frame Motor Controllers

Integrated Motor Control Assemblies- Open Frame Motor Controllers from Sensitron Semiconductor


Sensitron provides motor control solutions at all levels - from components, to bridges and power stages, to total control & drive systems. Sensitron now offers open frame controllers that are low weight, surface mountable for easy connections and a cost savings. This next generation motor controller unit is small in size and low in weight 2.75 x 2.1 x 0.65“at 2.55oz (72gm). Available up to 600V and 80A, these units are available as a analog/speed controller, sensorless controller, or a vector drive.

Tags: Motor Control

Horner APG launches updated design in proven controller

Horner APG launches updated design in proven EXL6 OCS controller
Horner APG released their latest In their leading XL seires of All-in-One controllers:  the EXL6 OCS Controller, offering enhanced resolution, and faster logic execution than the previous XL6 OCS Controller, partnered with the ease-of-use and functionality of its predecessors.

Tags: Machine Controller

Desktop Piezo Drive is Networkable for Seamless Integration with Piezos and Servos

Aerotech's Desktop Piezo Drive is Networkable for Seamless Integration with Piezos and Servos
The Ensemble QDe™ is a high-performance desktop nanopositioning piezo drive designed for seamless use with the Ensemble family of drives and controllers. The QDe connects to any Ensemble controller network enabling coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes at much higher rates than other controller or drive products. This power and versatility make the Ensemble QDe ideal for single or multi-axis applications ranging from fundamental scientific research to advanced OEM machine systems.

Tags: Motion Controller, Nanopositioning, Piezoelectric

MCST 3601 - Powerful Drive Electronics for Stepper Motors

FAULHABER MCST 3601 Motion Controller For Stepper Motors
Searching the multitude of available programmable motion controllers for one that is ideal for micro stepper motors with phase currents of sometimes less than 100 mA was once a real challenge. The new MCST 3601 series, developed from the cooperation between FAULHABER and Trinamic GmbH (the motion controller
specialist for stepper motors), offers the solution.

Tags: Motion Controller, Stepper Drive

4-Axis Stepper Controller with Ethernet Connectivity

4-Axis Stepper Controller with Ethernet Connectivity from Arcus Technology


The PMX-4ET-SA is a user-friendly 4-axis stepper controller featuring advanced interpolation and Ethernet connectivity. Encoder feedback inputs allow the controller to automatically monitor and maintain the position of a stepper motor. It can be interfaced with any stepper driver that accepts pulse (6M pps) and direction signals. The PMX-4ET-SA can also be used to control digital servo drives.

Tags: EtherNet IP, Motor Control

Powerful Controller Can Drive Devices up to 2.5 A/phase

Powerful Controller Can Drive Devices up to 2.5 A/phase from Zaber Technologies, Inc.

Zaber’s new X-MCB1 stepper motor controller is a single-axis controller that can drive any bipolar stepper motor or actuator up to 2.5 A/phase with high resolution. The controller’s microstepping resolution can be set at any value between 1 and 256 microsteps per step, allowing for easy customization and fine resolution movement.

Tags: Stepper Motor, Motor Control

Extended Environment Plug-In Servo Drives available through Servo2Go.com

New Extended Environment Plug-In Servo Drives from AMC

Experience the advantage of plug-in integration, DigiFlex® Performance™ and extended environment capabilities in one solution.  These servo drives, from Advanced Motion Controls of Camarillo, CA, are designed to operate in harsh environments including hot, cold, shock and vibration.  All models operate with both 3Φ (servo, closed loop vector, closed loop stepper) and 1Φ motors and inductive loads.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

Smallest, most Cost Effective Servo Drive from Ingenia

Smallest, most cost effective Servo Drive offered by Ingenia Motion Control



The new micro servo drive Neptune, has a foot print of just 40 x 40 mm and supports all types of motors. It's high PWM frequency makes it compatible even with very low inductance motors without additional chokes.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

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