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ESCON Module 24/2 Servo Motor Controller - A miniature controller with maximum functionality

ESCON Module 24/2 Servo Motor Controller from maxon motor
maxon motor expands its offering of miniaturized controllers with its latest OEM plug-in module. This high-performance 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller is designed to command permanent-magnet-activated brushed and brushless DC motors with Hall sensors up to 48 Watt continuous output and 144 Watt peak output. Its features include: high usability, exceptional performance and power density in servo motor controller technology.

Tags: Motor Control, Pulse-width Modulation PWM

Arcus LabVIEW Driver Update - NI LabVIEW USB Driver (v. 3.0.0) with Application Note

Arcus LabVIEW Driver Update - NI LabVIEW USB Driver (v. 3.0.0) with Application Note
Arcus Technology has partnered with KOD Integrations, LLC to release a new LabVIEW Driver for our PMX-4EX-SA, a 4-axis stepper controller. The driver package is compiled to facilitate even the novice LabVIEW developers to swiftly create their own functional LabVIEW applications.

Tags: Stepper Drive

Open Frame Motor Controllers

Open Frame Motor Controllers from Sensitron
Sensitron provides motor control solutions at all levels - from components, to bridges and power stages, to total control & drive systems. Sensitron now offers open frame motor controllers that are low weight, surface mountable for easy connections and a cost savings. This next generation motor controller unit is small in size and low in weight 2.75x2.1x0.65“ at 1oz (28.35gm).

Tags: Motor Control

High Accuracy, Open Frame, Thermally Stable Galvo Scanner

High Accuracy, Open Frame, Thermally Stable AGV-HPO Galvo Scanner from Aerotech
The highly repeatable and thermally stable feedback sensors used on the AGV-HPO scanner systems can be calibrated down to single-digit, micron-level accuracy over the field of view. With the extremely low thermal gain drift performance of the position transducers, complex, high-density laser machining applications will maintain consistent micron-level feature placement accuracy over the lifetime of the process. Likewise, high throughput applications will maintain consistent part-to-part quality without having to re-calibrate between parts.

Tags: Machine Controller, Machine Vision, Linear Motion

New 18 kW Servo Drive for electric thruster control

Ingenia Motion Control 18 kW i146-06 Servo Drive for electric thruster control
i146-06 is a high performance closed loop servo drive, developed to control high power subsea electric thruster systems. It has been specially designed for BLDC servo motor control on electric propulsion systems onboard of UUV's, AUV’s, ROV’s or manned submersibles. It delivers up to 18 kW continuous power from a DC current bus (typically high power batteries).

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

Advanced Motion Controls Release Micro-Z Servo Drives

Advanced Motion Controls Release µZ Servo Drives
Weighing only 8.5 grams and capable of outputting 10A peak and 5A continuous µZ’s are the smallest off-the-shelf servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls. Pronounced ‘Micro-Z’ these plug-in drives are designed for embedded applications in a wide range of industries including: Robotics, Lab Automation, Homeland Security/Military, Electric Mobility, Medical and Packaging.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

ACE-SDE Product Spotlight

ACE-SDE Product Spotlight from Arcus Technology
The Arcus ACE-SDE is an easy to use, stand-alone controller plus driver with USB/RS-485 and Modbus-RTU communication.  This product in the ACE family provides a drop-in stepper solution for PLC/PC-based or stand-alone systems at an affordable price.

Tags: Motion Controller, Motor Control

CANopen made easy - Simplify drives applications using SUN CANopen Master

CANopen made easy - Simplify drives applications using SUN CANopen Master from Ingenia Motion Control
The Sun CANopen Master Controller is a standalone network motion controller that provides real-time synchronization for the most demanding systems, bringing your single and multi-axis equipment to the highest level of performance it can achieve. Sun is based on an embedded single board computer with a customized Linux OS, specifically tuned for real time applications. This means that expert user can further customize the platform and extend its capabilities.

Tags: Motion Controller

AMCI Webinar Explains PLC Based Stepper Motion Control Basics

AMCI Webinar Explains PLC Based Stepper Motion Control Basics
Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), recently sponsored an educational webinar describing the basics of PLC-based stepper motion control. The webinar was hosted by The Journal from Rockwell Automation and explained the basic parts of a stepper system, how they integrate with PLCs, and how they compare with servos. Other stepper related topics included EtherNet/IP™, applications and case studies.

Tags: Motion Controller, Stepper Motor

SSI Interface for Networked PLCs

SSI Interface for Networked PLCs from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)
Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), announces the addition of their ANE2 SSI Interface Module to the AnyNET I/O family of PLC-based specialty I/O products.  AMCI’s AnyNET SSI Interface integrates a network connection and expansion capabilities to provide a modern, versatile SSI feedback solution for any PLC-based system.  The ANE2 expands up to six 2-channel modules, allowing users to interface up to 12 SSI sensors using a single network connection.

Tags: Motion Controller, Programmable Logic Controller PLC

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