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Low-cost and versatile, new Tolomatic ERD22 electric rod cylinder all-stainless steel design is standard catalog item

ERD22 electric rod cylinder from Tolomatic is a low-cost, versatile replacement for pneumatic cylinders
Smallest of the hygienic-designed ERD cylinders is ideal for medium-force washdown applications. The new ERD22 electric rod cylinder from Tolomatic is a low-cost, versatile replacement for pneumatic cylinders and an alternative to manual processes. With force capabilities up to 1,700 lbf (7 kN), the all-300 series stainless-steel ERD22 is a standard catalog item featuring hygienic design and IP69k rating.

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RSP- Intelligent retraction system

Triflex RSP- Intelligent retraction system from igus Inc

The igus Triflex RSP system is designed for cable guidance on robots performing complex movements. The adjustable pneumatic retraction system safely guides the cable package, and can be attached to various robotic models quickly and easily. Lightweight and space-saving, Triflex RSP is also available with optional monitoring system for robots whose program sequences frequently change, alternate, or are not 100-percent predictable.

Tags: Cable, Robotics, Pneumatic, Linear Motion

New Polynoid Linear Actuator Line

Polynoid Linear Actuator Line from H2W Technologies
With the recent acquisition of the Baldor linear motion product line, H2W Technologies now manufactures an extensive line of AC polynoid linear actuators. The AC polynoid is an electrically operated, open loop AC linear induction motor that provides a constant force over its entire stroke. It can run directly off of 115 / 230 VAC line voltage or with an adjustable frequency drive. Its direction of travel is reversible by switching 2 of the 3 leads.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Pneumatic

Fabco-Air, Inc. Introduces Fast Cylinder Shipping Program

Fabco-Air, Inc. Fast Pneumatic Cylinder Shipping Program
Fabco-Air, a leading manufacturer of fluid power products, is proud to introduce one of the industry’s most comprehensive shipping programs for pneumatic cylinders. The initial introduction of the Fabco Fast Shipping Program included 2 of the most popular product types in the air cylinder market. Both the FCQN Series OEM Type NFPA Interchangeable cylinder line and the F Series Non-Repairable Interchangeable product line are included in the Fabco Fast Shipping Program.
Tags: Linear Motion, Pneumatic

SMAC Introduces New, High-Performance CBL Series Electric Cylinders

CBL Series Electric Cylinders Actuator from SMAC Moving Coil Actuators
SMAC, Inc. launches its new CBL series of electric cylinders. CBL cylinders offer high speed performance and long cycle life at competitive prices, starting below $500. SMAC’s “Snap Together” design controls tight tolerance stack-up, assures high product quality and allows for competitive pricing. SMAC’s new series has moved voice coil actuators into areas which were previously the domain of pneumatic devices.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Pneumatic

Free Pneumatic Push-in Fitting Sample from Rexroth Pneumatics

Free Pneumatic Push-in Fitting Sample from Rexroth Pneumatics

Try before you buy - what’s better than free? Take advantage of a new online offer from Rexroth Pneumatics for a free sample of the Series QR1 pneumatic push-in fittings. Series QR1 fittings from Rexroth Pneumatics are a light-weight, polymer design suitable for all Rexroth pneumatic products such as valves and cylinders. The push-to-connect style fittings have an oval release ring with an enlarged surface area for quick, easy release of pneumatic tubing.

Tags: Pneumatic

New reverse-parallel motor mount makes Tolomatic’s ERD electric rod-style actuators more compact and flexible


The new reverse-parallel motor mount reduces the length of the Tolomatic ERD actuator while increasing mounting flexibility and motor selection in electric actuator applications.

Tags: Pneumatic

Linear motion solutions for food and beverage processing and packaging automation

Linear motion solutions for food and beverage processing and packaging automation

Tolomatic electric and pneumatic actuators are designed to withstand washdown environments, resist corrosion and prevent bacterial collection points.

Hamel, MN - A new brochure describes how Tolomatic linear motion solutions for food and beverage processing and packaging automation improve efficiencies and keep production on schedule. Tolomatic offers a variety of actuators designed for corrosion resistance, washdown protection and bacterial growth prevention.

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Tolomatic expands ‘Your Motor Here’ program to include newest rod-style and guided actuators


HAMEL, Minnesota – Tolomatic has expanded its “Your Motor Here” program to include more than 80 actuator products in nine different series for inline and reverse-parallel drive configurations. The Your Motor Here (YMH) program allows designers an efficient way to match almost 50 brands and over 900 models of servo and stepper motors to Tolomatic’sactuators at no additional charge and delivered within 5 business days. Thousands of motor-linear actuator combinations are possible using Tolomatic’s easy-to-use YMH online configurator on the company’s Web site.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Pneumatic

Parker Offers Experience and Solutions in Automation for the Solar Market


As one of the most trusted names in industrial automation, Parker has nearly 100 years of motion control experience. And with more than 15,000 distributors and 2,000 sales representatives worldwide, we provide support both locally and globally.
-Servos, Steppers, Controllers and Mechanics
-Cylinders, Valves, Air Preparation and Vacuum
-Basic Modular Configurations
-Collaborative Engineered Machines

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