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Linear Stage

Longer Travel Range for Micro Motorized Linear Stages

LSA series Micro Motorized Linear Stages from Zaber Technologies
Zaber’s LSA Series of micro motorized linear stages is now available with a longer travel range – 25 mm, in addition to 10 mm. These stages are designed to fit into the most restrictive spaces without sacrificing performance or features. Small but powerful, these stages provide ultra-fine positioning with a microstep size of < 25 nm, < 1 um repeatability, up to 10 mm/s speed, and up to 3.5 kg thrust.

Tags: Linear Stage, X Y Positioning, Z Positioning

Zaber High and Low Vacuum Compatible Devices

Zaber High and Low Vacuum Compatible Devices
Zaber’s line of vacuum compatible products includes motorized linear actuators, linear stages, and mirror mounts with built-in controllers. High and low vacuum devices use specially designed vacuum stepper motors. High vacuum motors are rated for vacuum levels of 10-6 Torr; low vacuum motors are rated for vacuum levels of 10-3 Torr. Built-in controllers allow devices to be daisy-chained with other T-Series devices inside a vacuum chamber, which reduces wiring clutter.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Linear Stage

Precision Linear Stage: Long Travel, Low Profile, High Resolution

M-417 Linear Stage from Physik Instrumente (PI)
PI’s new M-417 linear stage provides 500 mm travel and half-micron resolution.  This motorized precision positioner can be computer controlled for automation and precision assembly applications. The linear translation stage can handle high duty cycles and boasts high velocity of 100 mm/second. Precision recirculating ball bearings provide guiding precision in the 100 µrad range over the complete travel range.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

Customizable Gantry Systems

Customizable Gantry Systems from Zaber Technologies Inc
Zaber’s G-LSQ Series gantry systems are complete, turn-key solutions that include the controller (A-MCB2 two-axis controller), power supply, and all the accessories needed for operation. G-LSQ gantries are based on the robust and versatile LSQ Series of linear stages, which offer various travel ranges from 150 to 450 mm per axis, and speeds up to 330 mm/s.

Tags: Linear Stage, X Y Positioning, Z Positioning

Linear Piezo Nanopositioners are Ideal for Applications ranging from Microscopy to Optics Alignment

Linear Piezo Nanopositioners from Aerotech
Aerotech’s QNP-L series linear piezo nanopositioning stages give nanometer-level performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. A variety of travel and feedback options make these stages ideal for applications ranging from microscopy to optics alignment.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

High Load Linear Stages for Heavy Duty Applications

A-LST High Load Linear Stages for Heavy Duty applications from Zaber Technologies
Zaber’s A-LST Series of motorized linear stages offer high load capacity up to 100 kg, various travel ranges from 254 to 1500 mm, and speed up to 420 mm/s. The built-in controller allows for multiple units to be daisy-chained and controlled via serial port without additional hardware, which also reduces cost and cable clutter. 

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

Linear Stepper Positioning Stage

LSS-060-04-006-ME linear stepper positioning stage from H2W Technologies
H2W introduces the LSS-060-04-006-ME linear stepper positioning stage which is part of the LSS series family.  This stage has a stroke of 60 in [1500 mm] and generates 6 lbs [26.6 N] of continuous force.  It incorporates a 1 micron resolution linear encoder, which when operated under closed loop control, improves system accuracy and repeatability.

Tags: Linear Stage, Linear Stepper

New LHM Linear Stage Offers Affordability and Compact Size

Zaber Technologies' LHM Linear Stage Offers Affordability and Compact Size
Zaber’s newly released LHM linear stages offer a compact size and affordable price tag, and they are ideal for light centered-load, single-axis applications. At only 23 mm high, these miniature stages are excellent for applications that require a small profile. LHM stages are designed to be used with our A-MCA controller, or with any 2-phase stepper motor controller. Different versions with built-in controllers (T-LHM) or built-in encoders (LHM-E) are also available.

Tags: Linear Stage, Linear Motion

Single-axis Motorized Linear Stages

Single-axis Motorized Linear Stages from Optimal Engineering Systems
A motorized linear translation stage is used to precisely position an object along a single axis. Optimal Engineering Systems offers a wide range of motorized single axis stages. The stages are offered in four categories; Low Cost Series, Economy Series, Precision Series and Heavy Duty Series.

Tags: Linear Stage

Compact, Precision Ball-Screw Stage with Linear Encoder

Compact, Precision Ball-Screw Stage with Linear Encoder from Aerotech, Inc.
A compact, high-performance linear positioning stage, Aerotech’s MPS75SLE features exceptionally smooth travel combined with outstanding accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability to 25 nm. Ideal applications include optics positioning, z-axis positioning of sensors in surface metrology, and in general purpose high-precision alignment.

Tags: Ball Screw, Linear Encoder, Linear Stage, Linear Motion

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