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Linear Motion

Low Cost, High Precision XY Alignment Stages

Low Cost, High Precision XYθ Alignment Stages from OES (Optimal Engineering Solutions)
Optimal Engineering Systems’ (OES) low profile, XYθ (theta) stages are designed for high precision alignment applications. These stages move in an XY-plane and rotate around the center of the XY-plane. The terms alignment table, or XY-rotation stage are often used interchangeably with XYθ, or XY-theta stage.

Tags: Linear Motion, X Y Positioning

Worlds Smallest Commercially Available Ball Screw

ULTRAMINIATURE ball screws by Steinmeyer
Steinmeyer, Inc. offers the "world's smallest commercially available ball screw." These ULTRAMINIATURE ball screws are available in diameters as small as 3 millimeter with a choice of two pitches – 1 millimeter or 0.5 millimeter, making this product ideal for medical applications, among others. Steinmeyer offers an extensive range of miniature screws from 16 mm diameter (with up to 30 mm pitch), down to this incredibly tiny 3 mm diameter.

Tags: Ball Screw, Linear Motion

SMAC offers the CBL50, an expansion of the CBL series Electric Cylinder

SMAC Inc CBL50 Electric Cylinder / Actuator
SMAC, Inc. introduced the CBL50, an addition to its CBL series of high performance electric cylinders, designed to overcome problems presented by conventional devices in the packaging industry. The CBL50 is designed to achieve high force, peak force 50N, at low current of 2Amp, and acceleration up to 40G. With carriage-free designs and built-in linear bearings, the CBL50 offers a long cycle life of over 100 million cycles.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Linear Motion

Precision Linear Stage: Long Travel, Low Profile, High Resolution

M-417 Linear Stage from Physik Instrumente (PI)
PI’s new M-417 linear stage provides 500 mm travel and half-micron resolution.  This motorized precision positioner can be computer controlled for automation and precision assembly applications. The linear translation stage can handle high duty cycles and boasts high velocity of 100 mm/second. Precision recirculating ball bearings provide guiding precision in the 100 µrad range over the complete travel range.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

Manual Positioning Stages

Manual Positioning Stages by OES
Manual positioning stages are the cost-effective solution when a simple yet precise motion control is needed. Optimal Engineering Systems (OES) offers a complete range of manual positioning hardware, including:

Tags: Linear Motion, X Y Positioning, Rotary Stage, Z Positioning

New High-Performance Screw Jacks Offer Precise Positioning with High Thrust

ATLANTA Drive Systems High-Performance Screw Jacks offer Precise Positioning with High Thrust
ATLANTA Drive Systems is pleased to announce a new range of High-Performance Screw-Jacks, offering precise linear positioning and high dynamic performance by means of a servo-worm reducer and precision ballscrew spindle.  Linear speeds up to 590 inches per minute can be achieved with ballscrews diameters up to 50 mm and axial load capacities up to 22,500 lb. are possible, with higher load capacities reached by using two screw-jacks in tandem to share the loads.

Tags: Ball Screw, Linear Motion, Mechanical Component

Linear Piezo Nanopositioners are Ideal for Applications ranging from Microscopy to Optics Alignment

Linear Piezo Nanopositioners from Aerotech
Aerotech’s QNP-L series linear piezo nanopositioning stages give nanometer-level performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. A variety of travel and feedback options make these stages ideal for applications ranging from microscopy to optics alignment.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

Integrated Rack Range mounts to most Linear Guide Rails

Integrated Rack Range mounts to most Linear Guide Rails
ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. offers a range of Integrated Racks which mount directly to most standard linear guide rails, eliminating the need for additional machining and alignment, saving time and money. Compact, performance optimized designs can easily be achieved with these racks.

Tags: Linear Motion, Mechanical Component

igus iglide on tour ready to travel from coast to coast across North America

igus iglide on tour ready to travel from coast to coast across North America
A half-year of traveling through Asia and South America, and 17,500 miles of driving through deserts, rainforests, and some of the world’s busiest cities has brought igusiglide on tour car to the United States where it will begin the next leg of its tour in Anchorage, Alaska.

Tags: Bearings, Linear Motion, Mechanical Component

High Load Linear Stages for Heavy Duty Applications

A-LST High Load Linear Stages for Heavy Duty applications from Zaber Technologies
Zaber’s A-LST Series of motorized linear stages offer high load capacity up to 100 kg, various travel ranges from 254 to 1500 mm, and speed up to 420 mm/s. The built-in controller allows for multiple units to be daisy-chained and controlled via serial port without additional hardware, which also reduces cost and cable clutter. 

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

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