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Linear Motion

Brushless Linear Motors

Brushless Linear Motors from H2W Technologies
With the recent acquisition of the Baldor linear motion product line, H2W Technologies now manufactures brushless linear motors in its Santa Clarita, California facility. With extensive experience in designing and building custom linear motion products, now matched with the equipment and tooling necessary to produce both ironless and iron-core brushless linear motors, H2W is capable of manufacturing the complete line of brushless linear motors found in the Baldor catalog.

Tags: Brushless DC Motor, Linear Motor

Inline and Parallel Drive Motorized Electric Cylinders

Inline and Parallel Drive Motorized Electric Cylinders from Zaber Technologies
Zaber’s LAR and BAR Series products are computer controlled motorized electric cylinders. These devices are available in either inline or parallel drive configurations, with lead screws (LAR Series) or ball screws (BAR Series), and with optional controllers and/or encoders. A variety of mounting accessories are also available for both inline and parallel versions, making it easy to integrate these devices into different set-ups.

Tags: Ball Screw, Lead Screw, Linear Motion

Low Cost, High Precision XY Alignment Stages

Low Cost, High Precision XYθ Alignment Stages from OES (Optimal Engineering Solutions)
Optimal Engineering Systems’ (OES) low profile, XYθ (theta) stages are designed for high precision alignment applications. These stages move in an XY-plane and rotate around the center of the XY-plane. The terms alignment table, or XY-rotation stage are often used interchangeably with XYθ, or XY-theta stage.

Tags: Linear Motion, X Y Positioning

Worlds Smallest Commercially Available Ball Screw

ULTRAMINIATURE ball screws by Steinmeyer
Steinmeyer, Inc. offers the "world's smallest commercially available ball screw." These ULTRAMINIATURE ball screws are available in diameters as small as 3 millimeter with a choice of two pitches – 1 millimeter or 0.5 millimeter, making this product ideal for medical applications, among others. Steinmeyer offers an extensive range of miniature screws from 16 mm diameter (with up to 30 mm pitch), down to this incredibly tiny 3 mm diameter.

Tags: Ball Screw, Linear Motion

POSITAL-FRABA becomes Global Rockwell Encompass Partner

POSITAL-FRABA becomes Global Rockwell Encompass Partner
POSITAL-FRABA has been named as a global partner of Rockwell Automation’s Encompass™ program. (The company had previously been registered as an Encompass partner for Asia-Pacific and the Americas.) Through the Encompass Product Partnership, customers can quickly locate complementary products from POSITAL-FRABA and other vendors that best solve application challenges.

Tags: Inclinometer, Rotary Encoder, Transducer, Linear Motion

SMAC offers the CBL50, an expansion of the CBL series Electric Cylinder

SMAC Inc CBL50 Electric Cylinder / Actuator
SMAC, Inc. introduced the CBL50, an addition to its CBL series of high performance electric cylinders, designed to overcome problems presented by conventional devices in the packaging industry. The CBL50 is designed to achieve high force, peak force 50N, at low current of 2Amp, and acceleration up to 40G. With carriage-free designs and built-in linear bearings, the CBL50 offers a long cycle life of over 100 million cycles.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Linear Motion

High Accuracy, Open Frame, Thermally Stable Galvo Scanner

High Accuracy, Open Frame, Thermally Stable AGV-HPO Galvo Scanner from Aerotech
The highly repeatable and thermally stable feedback sensors used on the AGV-HPO scanner systems can be calibrated down to single-digit, micron-level accuracy over the field of view. With the extremely low thermal gain drift performance of the position transducers, complex, high-density laser machining applications will maintain consistent micron-level feature placement accuracy over the lifetime of the process. Likewise, high throughput applications will maintain consistent part-to-part quality without having to re-calibrate between parts.

Tags: Machine Controller, Machine Vision, Linear Motion

Tolomatic RSA-HT heavy duty rod-style actuator designed for demanding applications, hydraulic replacement

Tolomatic RSA-HT heavy duty rod-style actuators are designed for demanding applications, hydraulic replacement
The Tolomatic RSA-HT high force rod-style actuator is designed for high duty- cycle performance in demanding applications while delivering the added control and consistency of an electric drive actuator. The Tolomatic RSA-HT actuator, which can also be considered as a replacement for hydraulic applications, triples the maximum force capabilities of the standard RSA line from 4,038 lbf (17.96kN) to 12,900 lbf (57.38kN).

Tags: Linear Actuator, Hydraulic

Zaber High and Low Vacuum Compatible Devices

Zaber High and Low Vacuum Compatible Devices
Zaber’s line of vacuum compatible products includes motorized linear actuators, linear stages, and mirror mounts with built-in controllers. High and low vacuum devices use specially designed vacuum stepper motors. High vacuum motors are rated for vacuum levels of 10-6 Torr; low vacuum motors are rated for vacuum levels of 10-3 Torr. Built-in controllers allow devices to be daisy-chained with other T-Series devices inside a vacuum chamber, which reduces wiring clutter.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Linear Stage

Precision Linear Stage: Long Travel, Low Profile, High Resolution

M-417 Linear Stage from Physik Instrumente (PI)
PI’s new M-417 linear stage provides 500 mm travel and half-micron resolution.  This motorized precision positioner can be computer controlled for automation and precision assembly applications. The linear translation stage can handle high duty cycles and boasts high velocity of 100 mm/second. Precision recirculating ball bearings provide guiding precision in the 100 µrad range over the complete travel range.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

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