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Linear Motion

Air Bearing Stage and Systems introduced by PI at Photonics West

Air Bearing Stage and Systems by PI
Precision motion leader PI (Physik Instrumente) has introduced their new air bearing stage and system capabilities at this year's Photonics West conference, to complement their comprehensive range of piezo nano positioning stages and hexapod micro positioning systems. With the 2014 acquisition of Nelson Air Bearing Products of New Hampshire, PI is building on over 200 man-years of in-house air bearing experience to offer linear, planar XY, and rotary air bearing stages to serve both the research and industrial markets.

Tags: Linear Stage, X Y Positioning, Rotary Stage

New Polynoid Linear Actuator Line

Polynoid Linear Actuator Line from H2W Technologies
With the recent acquisition of the Baldor linear motion product line, H2W Technologies now manufactures an extensive line of AC polynoid linear actuators. The AC polynoid is an electrically operated, open loop AC linear induction motor that provides a constant force over its entire stroke. It can run directly off of 115 / 230 VAC line voltage or with an adjustable frequency drive. Its direction of travel is reversible by switching 2 of the 3 leads.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Pneumatic

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Adds Motorized BGS Linear Rail Products to its 24 Hour Express Store

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Adds Motorized  BGS Linear Rail Products to its 24 Hour Express Store
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a brand of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has added three different sized BGS Linear Rail Systems to its 24- Hour Express Store.  Haydon Kerk has an “off-the-shelf” motion control prototype solution, including a varety of motor sizes, rail sizes, stroke lengths and resolutions, to help expedite the design process.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

Linear Actuators Offer Clean and Precise Positioning

Atlanta Drive Systems Linear Actuators offer clean and precise positioning
ATLANTA Drive Systems range of High-Thrust Linear Actuators offer clean, precise linear positioning by means of rotating or non-rotating spindles. Linear speeds up to 550 inches per minute can be achieved and strokes up to 20 inches are available standard. Axial load capacities up to 36,000 lb. are possible, with higher load capacities reached by using two actuators in tandem to share the loads.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Linear Motion

Exlar Tritex II Add-On Instruction set

Exlar Tritex II Add-On Instruction set from Curtiss-Wright
Curtiss-Wright Corporation  announced the release of the Exlar Add-On Instruction set (AOI) and the updated Expert Software to support it. Add-On Instructions encapsulate commonly used functions and simplify the setup of external devices within the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture control platform, reducing errors and development time when configuring a device over the EtherNet/IP network.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Rotary Actuator

Micro Series Lead Screws now available from Haydon Kerk Express Web Store

Micro Series Lead Screws now available from Haydon Kerk Express Web Store
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions proudly announces the addition of Kerk® Micro Series lead screws to the Haydon Kerk Express web store with three different leads available for 24-hour shipment.  Standard and “prototype” style nuts also are available.

Tags: Linear Motion, Lead Screw

XY Piezo Nanopositioners for Extreme Precision applications

Aerotech QNP-XY series XY Piezo Nanopositioners for Extreme Precision Applications
Aerotech QNP-XY series piezo nanopositioning stages provide the resolution, linearity, repeatability, and high dynamics required for the most demanding applications from microscopy to optics alignment. With resolution to 0.15 nm, linearity to 0.007%, and repeatability to 2 nm, nanometer-level precision is assured. With the highest dynamics (resonant frequency and stiffness) of any other comparable stage in size and travel, users can achieve higher throughput in exacting processes.

Tags: Linear Motion, X Y Positioning

Fabco-Air, Inc. Introduces Fast Cylinder Shipping Program

Fabco-Air, Inc. Fast Pneumatic Cylinder Shipping Program
Fabco-Air, a leading manufacturer of fluid power products, is proud to introduce one of the industry’s most comprehensive shipping programs for pneumatic cylinders. The initial introduction of the Fabco Fast Shipping Program included 2 of the most popular product types in the air cylinder market. Both the FCQN Series OEM Type NFPA Interchangeable cylinder line and the F Series Non-Repairable Interchangeable product line are included in the Fabco Fast Shipping Program.
Tags: Linear Motion, Pneumatic

Longer Travel Range for Micro Motorized Linear Stages

LSA series Micro Motorized Linear Stages from Zaber Technologies
Zaber’s LSA Series of micro motorized linear stages is now available with a longer travel range – 25 mm, in addition to 10 mm. These stages are designed to fit into the most restrictive spaces without sacrificing performance or features. Small but powerful, these stages provide ultra-fine positioning with a microstep size of < 25 nm, < 1 um repeatability, up to 10 mm/s speed, and up to 3.5 kg thrust.

Tags: Linear Stage, X Y Positioning, Z Positioning

Exlar FT Series Product Line Expands with New FT45 universal electric rod style Linear Actuator

FT45 Linear Actuator from Exlar / Curtiss Wright
The FT Series roller screw driven actuators offer high thrust, high speed, and high robustness in a compact form factor, making them an ideal alternative to hydraulic cylinders.  With continuous force rating to 40,000 lbf (178 kN), speed to 60 in/sec (1,500mm/sec) and stroke lengths from 6 inches (150mm) to 8 feet (2,400mm) the FT Series can be applied across a wide range of linear motion applications.

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