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Product Announcements

Honeywell’s new Basic Compensated Unamplified Board Mount Pressure Sensors Provide High Durability, Sensitivity and Flexibility

Allows OEMS to Manage Amplification to Maximize Resolution

Widest Pressure Range Enables OEMs to Maximize Sensitivity

Small Size and Package Options Simplify Installation

Low Current Consumption Allows for use in Battery-powered Applications

Global Supply Chain Expertise Provides Fast Delivery

Modern Linear Announces New Studded Roller Line

San Rafael, CA - Introducing our new studded roller product line. Studded rollers incorporate the fastener, bushing and roller into a single package and part number. They are more compact than separate components, and are ideal for space conscious applications. Studded rollers are available in sealed and shielded versions as well as stainless steel.

Threaded studs are made from 303 stainless materials. The design includes a female mounting hex opposite the threaded end to facilitate easy mounting. Units are available with or without stainless nut and washer.

New Pilot Valve Series Offers Affordable Option for Pneumatic Interface Applications

Humphrey is pleased to introduce the A10 and A15 Series “Pilot” Valves miniature direct-acting solenoid valves that are perfect as a high value pneumatic interface, linking PLCs and air piloted pneumatic, or process control work valves.

Configured as compact 3-port sub-base mount, the A10 and A15 Pilot Valves feature low power consumption, excellent flow, and non-locking manual override. All valves are shipped CE registered, and RoHS / REACH compliant.

High-fidelity HIL modeling on FPGA is a now a reality made easy by OPAL-RT Technologies

OPAL-RT worked on the first hybrid and electric vehicle designed by Toyota. At that time, we succeeded in simulating the electrical motor at 10µs, which was a technological breakthrough. This demanding challenge required to push real-time simulation on CPU to its limits.

New Sercos-capable products at Hannover Fair 2014

Sercos International, supplier of the Sercos® automation bus, will present new Sercos-capable products as well as a demo engraving machine from Schneider Electric at its booth at Hannover Fair from April 7 to April 11 in hall 9, booth F80.

Bourns’ New High Power TVS Diodes Deliver Industry-Standard Bidirectional Port Protection for AC/DC Power Line Applications

New Models Meet IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 µs Surge Requirements in High Power Applications

New Exlar Brochure Details Electric Actuators for Process Control Applications

Exlar announces its Process Industry Brochure is now available in print form or by download from its website. Featuring Exlar’s electro servo actuators, this brochure highlights the actuator’s performance capabilities in process control applications, including power plants and oil and gas. With high efficiency and speed, 100% duty cycle meeting IEC S9 standards, and a long operating life, Exlar’s electric actuators provide the ideal solution for modulating control valves.

Weiss' Dynamic HP70 Pick-and-Place Direct-Drive Module's compact Knuckle design propels revolutionary space, speed and accuracy

Industry leading specialist for rotary tables and automation, WEISS North America, Inc. (Willoughby, OH), has introduced its revolutionary HP70 Pick- and-Place direct-drive component that is thinner (60 mm wide) than any linear motor or pneumatic module on the market today. Despite its uniquely compact design, it surpasses all previous Pick-and-Place units when it comes to speed−achieving over 100 cycles per minute with repeat accuracy of 0.01mm.

Renesas Electronics Embeds the Largest Flash and SRAM Together to Date in a 32-Bit General-Purpose Microcontroller to Enable the Internet of Things

The RX64M MCUs Combine Superior Connectivity and High Performance with 4 MB of Flash Memory and 512 KB of SRAM for Industrial Equipment and Other IoT Applications

Research and Markets: Concise Analysis of the International Servo Motor & Drives Market - Forecasts to 2018

Dublin, Ireland - Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Concise Analysis of the International Servo Motor & Drives Market - Forecasts to 2018" report to their offering.

Bourns Announces New High Power TVS Diodes for AC and DC Power Line Applications

New Models Meet IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 µs Surge Requirements and Deliver High Current Bidirectional Port Protection

Molex Showcased NeoScaleTM High-Speed Mezzanine System at DesignCon

With remarkably clean signal integrity at 28+ Gbps, the NeoScale system features a high-speed triad wafer design with Solder-Charge Technology™

eFPGAsim Power Electronic Real-Time Simulator

eFPGAsim combines the performance of high fidelity digital simulators with very low communication latency to provide power electronic engineers with an easy-to-use HIL platform for the development and testing of control and protection systems that require sub-microsecond time step capacity.

Product Highlights

Decrease FPGA model preparation and validation by using the advanced electrical system solvers (eHS). No VHDL programming skill is required.

Test Performance for Optimal Accuracy

Bourns Announces New High Power TVS Diodes for AC and DC Power Line Applications

New Products Feature High Current Bidirectional Port Protection that Meets IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 µs Surge Requirements

New High Accuracy Magnetic Encoder

Southborough, MA - Novotechnik U.S. introduces the Vert-X 51 Series of rotary magnetic encoders which feature 12-, 14- or 16-bit resolution and repeatability to 0.36° or ±0.1° – depending on model.

Measurement range of the Vert-X 51 is 0 to 360° and physical measurements of the housing are 30 mm x 50 mm.

Vert-X 51 Series encoders are ideal for harsh environments with ingress protection to IP 67, withstand shock up to 50 g and vibration to 20 g and have operating and storage temperature range of up to -40 to +125 °C. MTBF is 135+ years.

Isotech introduces metal foams to foamed metal and composite product line

Hatfield PA - Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, has recently expanded its foamed metal and composite product line to include metal foams, designed for energy and noise absorption.

“These metal foams are lightweight but incredibly strong,” said Joe Casillo, President at Isotech, “and they provide exceptional energy absorption ideal for applications such as vehicle and body armor.” The metal foams are available in sizes ranging from 1/16”thick to 1/2” thick.

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division introduces the FDA217 Dual Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver

The FDA217 was designed to replace discrete solutions and to drive high-power MOSFETs

Beverly, MA – IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (ICD), a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: IXYS), announced the immediate availability of the FDA217 optically isolated, dual photovoltaic MOSFET driver. Each independent driver consists of an LED that is optically coupled to a photodiode array. Each array is capable of generating an open circuit voltage of 12.2V and short circuit current of 9.1uA with a forward LED current of 10mA.

Bellows couplings for printing applications

Marlborough, MA - Ruland manufactures bellows couplings with high torsional stiffness that can accommodate all forms of misalignment and are well suited for large format printers, 3-D printers, offset printers, web converting equipment, and print finishing equipment.

iPOS8010 BX-CAT : A very compact, cost-effective intelligent panel mount drive with an EtherCAT interface

iPOS8010 BX-CAT is the newest member of the iPOS family of Technosoft’s intelligent drives.

Having a capability of 10 A continuous and 20 A peak current at up to 80 V, the iPOS8010 BX-CAT controller offers a very compact, cost-effective universal solution for the control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, and step motors of powers up to 800 W and voltages up to 80 V.

Faulhaber and Technosoft Develop a Small Intelligent Motor with EtherCat communication

The two companies, Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG from Schönaich, Germany, and Technosoft SA from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, have combined their skills and knowledge to produce one of the world’s smallest intelligent motors for speed and position control with EtherCAT com-munication, which complies with CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT).