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Product Announcements

Parker Static Dissipative PTFE Increase Operator Safety
Ravenna, OH – Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, manufactures PTFE Hose for chemical transfer lines and high temperature hydraulic applications. When conveying non-conducting fluids such as oils, fuels and steam at high velocities through natural PTFE a static electrical charge can be generated. This electrical charge will try to find a path to ground and in the process can arc through the core tube as it grounds to the outer wire causing core tube damage and subsequent leakage.

TRINAMIC Offers High Density Servo Drive Chipset With 3-Phase Gate Driver Coupled With Bosch B6 Power Module
TRINAMIC bridge gate drivers and Bosch B6 power modules represent perfectly balanced packages for industrial BLDC and PMSM drives up to 1.5kW
Hamburg, Germany - TRINAMIC Motion Control introduces a new powerful gate driver perfectly matched with Bosch´s MB0413A B6 power module.
TRINAMIC, a technology innovator specializing in the control of small electric motors, extends its portfolio of 3-phase motor drivers by leveraging Bosch’s innovative and highly integrated B6 power modules.

Molex Expands Heavy Duty Connector Portfolio for Industrial Automation

LISLE, IL - Molex Incorporated announces the expansion of its 

TR Electronic releases the Intelligent Incremental Rotary Encoder

Troy, MI & London, Ontario - TR Electronic, a leading manufacturer of encoders and sensors for the automation industry, has launched its next generation of Programmable Incremental Rotary Encoders.

Miniature sensor heads xxs for multi-axis measurements in restricted space conditions

attocube’s award winning FPS3010 - the ultra-high sensitivity, high bandwidth interferometric displacement sensor – is now available with new sensor heads. These were specifically designed for the use in extremely confined spaces: With a diameter of only 1.2 millimeters the ultra-compact ‘xxs’ heads can now even perform measurements in applications, which simply had not been accessible for metrological instruments before.

InvenSense Introduces Next Evolution of 6-Axis SoC With Enhanced Digital Motion Processor

Exemplifies Ultra-Low Power, ‘AlwaysOn’ features of Activity Classifier, Wake-Up Sensors, Device Context Gestures, and Improved Imaging Experience

New Ultra-miniature Surface Mount Reed Relay From Coto Technology
North Kingstown, RI - Coto Technology, Inc. has announced the release of the 9913 ultra-miniature surface mount reed relay. With a footprint of only 0.054 in2, the 9913 has the smallest footprint available in the market today.

Festo Introduces a New Generation of Durable, Low Cost Valves - the New VS Series
The VS series’ broad range of accessories and ordering options can help OEMs lower acquisition, assembly, and inventory costs.
Hauppauge, NY - Festo introduces the new VS series of piston-spool solenoid and pneumatic valves and valve manifolds.

Serapid Produces Telescopic Lighting Lifts for Superbowl XLIX Broadcast
Serapid, Inc., a leading supplier of stage technology, produced a telescopic lighting system selected for use at Superbowl XLIX.
Commissioned by Filmwerks International, a company specializing in power, lighting and staging for high-end events, Serapid portable theatrical masts were a natural fit for use at the event.
The easy-to-use system is comprised of two masts, each easily rolled into place, ideal for the quick changes of this event. The masts reliably and safely lift 1000 lbs.

iPOS4808 MY - A Compact Drive Solution for Rotary or Linear Brushless, DC Brush and Step Motors
Technosoft has just added a new powerful member to its iPOS family of intelligent drives – the iPOS4808 MY
Like all other Technosoft drives, the iPOS4808 MY embeds advanced motor control functions, as well as motion control and PLC features into a plug-in module (60 x 43.6 x 12.4 mm).

Seat Detection Switches
Moorpark, CA - Crouzet Switches’ seat detection switches are typically located under the seat padding and the operating force required depends on the padding feature.
Key Features
  • Detection of a person on a seat
  • Lead or cable wiring output options
  • Extensive range of standard and custom levers
Crouzet Switch Options
Pad switch (IP67)
  • Adapted sensitivity 
  • Under padding mounting
  • Custom option: integrated diagnosis function for in

New Intelligent continuous chain monitoring system from iwis drive systems
Chain manufacturer iwis drive systems has developed a new monitoring system for measuring chain elongation. The new, patented CCM (Chain Condition Monitoring) system measures the wear elongation of chains in use and warns the maintenance personnel in advance if the chain needs to be replaced.
The CCM system can be quickly and easily integrated in numerous chain applications and retrofitted in existing plants and machines without the need for special add-on components for the chain.

Material Test Lab Increases Productivity Replacing Dial Indicators with Macro Sensors LVDT Linear Position Sensors
 A material testing laboratory is now operating more efficiently and with greater productivity by replacing multiple error-prone dial indicators with Macro Sensors SE 750 Series LVDT Linear Position Sensors to conduct thermal expansion measurement on plastic components as part of testing services offered to clients involved in product development and R&D.
Requiring intensive human intervention to obtain readings, the dial indicators were prone to error and required multiple operators to configure and complete a test tha

String Encoders from Industrial Encoder Corporation
The heavy-duty construction of the DWS150 & DWS1210 Series Draw Wire String Encoder is available in with a wide variety of encoder options and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.
Choose either the:
  • DWS150 for measurement lengths up to 6 meters 
  • DWS1210 up to 10 meters
Available with Incremental and Absolute Encoder Options.
For more information about these products manufactured by Industrial Encoder Corporation,

Macro Sensors LVDT Gage Heads Replace Failing Units on Automotive Production Line
Macro Sensors LVDT gage heads are being used on an automated production line as part of a quality control system that ensures the precise dimensions of hydraulic valve adjusters manufactured for use in different car engines.
Every automobile uses a number of different engine valves mounted on the cylinder head that allows air flow in and out of the cylinder.  A 4-cylinder engine will have 16 valves, while an 8-cylinder engine will have 32 valves.

Apem, Inc. offers the FR Series Hall Effect Thumb Control
Haverhill, MA - APEM, Inc. a manufacturer of joysticks, trackballs and pushbutton switches introduces the new FR Series, a single axis three position Hall effect thumb control designed for material handling and construction applications requiring a reliable device for “change direction” and “gear switching” functions.
Operating from a 5VDC supply, the FR is a three position controller providing an analog voltage output at each detent location.

CNC Systems gain MTConnect Interface to enhance Interoperability of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Software
* open-source communications standard facilitates data-driven manufacturing
* software-based interface option for new and existing NUM CNC systems
Naperville, IL - NUM has developed a new communications interface option for its CNC systems that fully complies with the open MTConnect interoperability standard.

Integrated motors with industrial connectors over EthernetTCP/IP
Robust M12 Lexium MDrive® products now for EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP and Profinet
Marlborough, CT - Networking over EthernetTCP/IP via industrial M12 circular connectors is now available in Lexium MDrive® integrated motor systems, NEMA motor sizes 23 & 34. EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP and Profinet are all software selectable from one product, delivering system flexibility to a wide range of automation machine builders.

softMC Multi-Axis Motion Controller: Powerful, Flexible, Field-Proven
Servotronix introduces the softMC, multi axis motion control software and hardware package, offering extensive programming capabilities that have been successfully implemented in a variety of automation and robotic applications.
Operated by Linux, with real-time extensions, the softMC runs on a qualified industrial PC, providing an open and modular machine control environment.

IXYS Introduces an Opto-Isolated Fast Gate Driver for power MOSFETs and IGBTs
The IX3180 is a 2.5A Fast Driver IC  with a Wide Voltage Range of 10V to 20V
Beverly, MA - IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (ICD), announces the immediate availability of the IX3180 2.5A Gate Drive Optocoupler.  The IX3180 combines IXYS ICD’s optocoupler expertise from its OptoMOS product line with its popular 600-Series of high current gate drivers.

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