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Product Announcements

Zero-Drift, Precision Op Amp Simplifies Board Design and Delivers Industry Best Noise Performance
Norwood, MA - Analog Devices, Inc. introduced the first in a new series of high-voltage, low-noise, zero-drift, precision operational amplifiers that reduce system noise, cost, board space, and development time by providing on-chip electro-magnetic interference (EMI) filtering and eliminating the need for calibration circuitry. The dual-channel ADA4522-2 op amp operates within a supply voltage range of 4.5 V to 55 V and exhibits noise performance that is at least 35 percent better than its closest competitor.

North Atlantic Industries offers High Power Density, VITA 62, 3U DC/DC VPX Power Supply

Bohemia, NY - North Atlantic Industries (NAI) announces the availability of its latest 3U rugged VPX power product — the VPX57-31. Ideally suited for rugged military and commercial aerospace applications, the VPX57-31 provides up to 400 watts of power (CC4 t

New Angle Sensors With CANOpen Output

Southborough, MA - Novotechnik, U.S. introduces the RFC4800 Series of touchless programmable rotary angle sensors that provide absolute, rotary position. Their magnetic technology makes measurements through air and non-magnetic materials.

RFC4800 Series now features a CANopen ouput version that is CiA DS-301 compliant.

Compact C10 Series Linear Motor for High Speed Scanning and Optics


Somersworth, NH - Airex Corporation is proud to announce the release of the latest C-Series Low Profile Linear Motor.  The new C-10 weighs in at just 10 mm wide x 42 mm tall.  The unique high density coil design provides class leading performance, featuring extremely low electrical time constants for high bandwidth applications.  The unique coil design also provides exceptionally good heat transfer to the integrated mounting bracket, allowing for the coolest coils in the business!


New Inertial Measurement Unit Series from Tamagawa

Somerset, NJ USA –  Tamagawa Seiki, an advanced inertial sensing technology leader for aerospace and military applications is launching a series of automotive and industrial grade IMU’s for affordable high performance applications.

Model AU7595 features high accuracy and GPS for measuring position, direction and attitude of vehicles or any mobile application. The AU7595 is equipped with three axis, high precision, piezo electric MEMS gyros and extremely stable accelerometer sensors for high resolution, precision and low noise requirements.

BLDC motor with high power density
Feldkirchen,Germany – With the DB80, Nanotec presents an EC motor which – relative to its design size – exhibits exceptionally high power density. Featuring a rated speed of 3000 rpm and a rated voltage of 48 V, this 8-pin motor is particularly suitable for applications which require a high degree of efficiency; for example in service robotics or automated guided vehicle systems.
The DB80 has a flange size of 80 x 80 mm and is available with Hall sensors or encoder.

Parker Rubber Covered Hose May Last Up to 24 Months Longer In Your Application

Fort Worth, TX  -  Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, offers USP Class VI certified RCTW (Rubber Covered Fluoropolymer Hose) to transfer materials without contaminating the integrity of the product. For end users, especially in the food industry where purity, taste, smell, color, non-staining and extractables are critical characteristics.  With a USP Class VI certified hose, assurance of purity is absolute. 

Expanded Line of Industrial Lubricants

Boynton Beach, FL - The Boca Bearing Company is proud to announce the expansion of their Industrial Lubrication product lines. This full line of industrial lubricants, degreasers and maintenance products are now available. Boca Bearings is a certified distributor of Kyodo Yushi, Kluber, Krytox, and Molykote Lubricants. Boca Bearings also supplies an extensive number of Food Grade products which are ideally suited for many other sensitive manufacturing environments.

Fuji Electric Releases Next Generation Compact Drive for N.A. Market
Manufacturer Continues Expansion of Drives Product Portfolio with New FRENIC-Mini
Edison, NJ - Fuji Electric Corp. of America announced that they have expanded their portfolio of low-voltage inverters in the North American market with the next generation FRENIC-Mini Drive (C2), which is now available for shipment to customers.

SBN Pendant Pushbutton Station Provides Optimal Flexibility

Magnetek, Inc., (NASDAQ: MAG), a leading provider of digital power and motion control systems, today announced the availability of the new SBN Pendant Pushbutton Stations for crane and hoist applications. SBN is a direct functional replacement for the SBP Pendant Pushbutton Station with additional flexibility.


TRINAMIC Autonomous Stepper Motor Control and Driver IC Streamlines Ease-of-Use with New Level of Simplicity

Hamburg, Germany - TRINAMIC Motion Control, a leading global developer of motor and motion control technologies, announced its latest single-axis stepper motor control and driver IC. The TMC2100, with integrated MOSFETs to drive RMS motor current to 1.2A, is distinguished by the extreme simplicity of its setup and operation. Configuring just seven pins on the IC enables the parameterization and feature selection for typical motor applications, without any required intervention by a host CPU.

Compact Series Offers Low Profile Linear Motion Solutions

PBC Linear has recently released a low profile linear guide system, Compact Series. This addition to the Mechatronics Enabled initiative is designed to provide smooth, accurate, and repeatable linear motion in tight spaces. Boasting a 23 mm standard height, and with the flexibility to be configured to adapt to the demands of a given application, the new linear guide system is an ideal fit for applications such as: lab automation, medical, automated delivery systems, dispensing robotics, and electronic board manufacturing.

Nordson ASYMTEK Programmable Tilt + Rotate Uses 5 Axes for Fluid Dispensing

Carlsbad, CA - Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: 

Nexen Innovative New Thermoplastic Versa Rack Opens Up New Motion Control Applications

Vadnais Heights, MN – Nexen Group, Inc. offers the Versa thermoplastic rack –an alternative to traditional metal racks that delivers high corrosion resistance and durability, low maintenance requirements, medium accuracy and load-carrying capacity at a relatively low cost point. The Versa Rack is ideal for applications such as CNC routers and conveyers, as well as many picking, part-marking and gantry-based automation systems.

Macro Sensors HPGS Series LVDT Position Sensors Designed To Withstand High Vibrations and Extreme Temps of Power Plants


Pennsauken, NJ -  Linear position sensors with standard cable and bayonet connectors often cannot withstand the high vibrations and extreme temperatures of power plants that typically operate on a 24/7 basis from 18 months to two years.  Macro Sensors introduces the HPGS series Hermetically Sealed, High Temperature LVDT Linear Position Sensor featuring a screw-on radial connector that ensures higher sensor reliability and longer life under the high vibrations and dirty environments of nuclear, gas and steam power plants. 


Everspin MRAM Enables Koyo Electronics Industries New Battery-Free Direct Logic PLC With Higher Density, Faster Speeds

Chandler, AZ - Everspin Technologies, Inc., the world's leading developer and manufacturer of discrete and embedded MRAM, and Koyo Electronics Industries, a leading manufacturer of highly reliable factory automation systems and automotive parts, announced that Everspin’s MRAM is now designed into Koyo Electronics Industries’ new Direct Logic 205 (DL205) Series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

TR Electronic is a Game Changer for the Stamping & Forming Industries


Troy, MI & London, Ontario - TR Electronic, a leading manufacturer of Presence Detection and Rotary and Linear Position Feedback devices for the automation and manufacturing industry, has further expanded its innovative solutions to include Unidor Press Monitoring solutions.

Ruland disc couplings for semiconductor and solar equipment

Marlborough, MA - Semiconductor and solar equipment such as wafer handlers, bonders and screen printers often require rapid movements over short increments to precisely position wafers, chips or panels. Disc couplings from Ruland are torsionally stiff, operate with zero-backlash and have a balanced design, making them an excellent choice for these highly accurate systems with speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.


iPOS3604 VX: When Intelligence Matters - Complete Drive Solution

Packed on Only 21 x 54 mm of PCB Space Technosoft is proud to announce— the iPOS3604 VX. Based on an innovative design concept, this drive offers high power density (up to 360 W of peak power) on a very compact board (only 21 x 54 mm of PCB space). Specifically developed to be PCB embedded, iPOS3604 VX can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a motherboard.


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