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Integrated Circuit

CUI 90 A Digital Point-of-Load Module Series to Address Growing Challenge of Powering Advanced ICs

CUI NDM3Z-90 a 90 A Digital Point-of-Load (POL) Module Series to Address Growing Challenge of Powering Advanced ICs


Highest Current POL on the Market Meets Rising Power Demands in Networking Applications. CUI Inc released its highest current digital POL family to date from the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Designed specifically to address the rapidly-rising power requirements of today’s most advanced integrated circuits, the NDM3Z-90 is a non-isolated module outputting 90 A in ultra low-profile vertical and horizontal packages.

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iC-MQF: Sensor Interpolation with RS422 Driver Features Resolutions up to 4000

iC-MQF: Sensor Interpolation with RS422 Driver Features Resolutions up to 4000 from iC-Haus GmbH
For optical and magnetic length gauges featuring decimal gratings, iC-MQF offers a sine resolution of up to 4000 edges. The circuit incorporates a signal conditioning analog front end, a vector-tracking converter for real-time conversion without latency, as well as fault-tolerant RS422 driver stages which output the incremental signals. Reverse polarity protection is also embedded and covers all cable connections.

Tags: Integrated Circuit

iC-HF: RS-422 Driver with analog Bypass for Encoder Applications

iC-HF: 6 Channel RS-422 Driver with Encoder Link from iC-Haus GmbH

The new iC-HF provides 6 RS-422 line drivers for 3V – 5.5V encoder applications. With the integrated Encoder Link function, the line drivers can be deactivated and analog/digital signals directly accessed through the line driver output pins. For differential RS-422 line driver operation, six differential complementary drivers are implemented.

Tags: Integrated Circuit

Sensitron Now Features Low Profile AlSic Baseplate Modules

Sensitron Now Features Low Profile AlSic Baseplate Modules

Sensitron’s AlSiC modules have superior temperature cycling resistance and lower overall weight compared to traditional copper base plate modules. AlSiC is a composite material that is specifically engineered to have a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that is similar to ceramic and silicon materials, commonly used in power modules, while maintaining a high thermal conductivity. 

Tags: Integrated Circuit

Off-axis magnetic encoder iC sets new standards: 18 bit absolute resolution, suitable for hollow-shaft, through-shaft and linear applications

Unique iC-MU Hall chip for absolute hollow shaft encoders with up to 18 bit from iC Haus GmbH

Unique Hall chip for absolute hollow shaft encoders with up to 18 bit. Fully integrated, single-chip device iC-MU is ideal for the scanning of magnetic pole wheels and tapes for typical motion control applications, such as for absolute position encoders, incremental encoders, and commutation encoders for brushless motors.

Tags: Integrated Circuit

Universal, digital sensor output driver with 3.3V sensor supply

Universal digital sensor output driver from iC-Haus GmbH

Configurable NPN/PNP/PP/IO link driver stages for digital switching sensors. 

The universal digital output driver iC-DX3/DXC3 enables compact sensors to be equipped with NPN, PNP, push-pull, and IO link-compatible output driver options. From an input voltage of 8 to 30 V an integrated linear regulator provides the sensor electronics with a stable +3.3 V voltage and 10 mA loading.

Tags: Integrated Circuit

iC-MHL200: 12 bit universal magnetic position encoder

iC-MHL200:  12 bit universal magnetic position encoder from iC-Haus GmbH


The iC-MHL200 is an integrated system solution for linear and angular magnetic encoder applications. Combined with a target like a magnetic tape or pole wheel an universal and rugged linear or angular incremental encoder can be realized. The chip housed in a TSSOP20 package includes a linear Hall sensor array which is adapted to the targets’ magnetic pole pitch of 2 mm.

Tags: Integrated Circuit

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division New Power Solid State Relay, (SSR), with 5kv Isolation Voltage

The IXYS CPC1907B Power Relay is ideal for Industrial Controls, Motor Controls and Security Applications

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (“ICD” formerly Clare, Inc.), a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation, announced the immediate availability of the CPC1907B, +/-6ADC or 6Arms, AC Power SSR. The 1-Form-A CPC1907B is a 60V device with very low 0.06 Ohms of On-Resistance, offered in the new Power SOIC package.

Tags: Integrated Circuit

Dual-Channel Hall-Effect Direction Detection Sensor IC


Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announces a new dual-channel, Hall-effect direction detection sensor IC, providing various digital output signals that indicate speed and direction of a target rotation. The Hall elements are photolithographically aligned to better than 1 μm. Maintaining accurate mechanical location between the two active Hall elements eliminates the major manufacturing hurdle encountered in fine-pitch detection applications.

Tags: Integrated Circuit

iiC-TW8: Precision Interpolation Circuit for 16 bits with Automatic Correction

iC-TW8: High-Resolution Sine/Cosine Evaluation with Automatic Signal Error Correction from iC-Haus GmbH

High-resolution signal processor iC-TW8 is used to evaluate sine/cosine sensors, minimizing angular errors and jitters with automatic functions. It is also utilized for initial, push-button calibration and to permanently adapt signal path parameters during operation. The angular position is calculated at a programmable resolution of up to 65,536 increments per input cycle and output as an indexed incremental signal.

Tags: Integrated Circuit

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