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ServoClass Couplings with Clamp Style Hubs feature Solid Lubricant Bolt Treatment to assure Consistent and Balanced Assembly

ServoClass Couplings with Clamp Style Hubs feature Solid Lubricant  Bolt Treatment  from Zero-Max
ServoClass Couplings are often described as very smooth and quiet during operation.  That smooth operating characteristic is a result of several factors, including how consistent the various parts of the coupling are assembled and held together. Maintaining precise and repeatable assemblies is more than having a good torque wrench.

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Servo Class Couplings now available with Hub Taper Adapter Option - Designed For Servo Motors With Tapered Shafts

Servo Class Couplings now available with Hub Taper Adapter Option from Zero-Max

Precision machined, these ServoClass coupling hub adapters are designed to provide superior shaft engagement on tapered shafts in high speed applications. Manufactured with high quality materials, the hub adapters fit precisely in the coupling’s clamp style hubs providing a balanced and tight shaft engagement for servomotor applications at speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

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ETP Power® Shaft Locking Bushing from Zero-Max Feature Fast Mounting with High Radial Load Capacity

ETP Power® Shaft Locking Bushing from Zero-Max

ETP Power® keyless shaft locking bushings feature fast mounting with high radial load capacity. They are ideal for locking into position rollers in automated radiator manufacturing lines (photo) as well as gears, pulleys, sprockets and other components in automated machinery.

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Double Flex A1C High Performance CD® Couplings features include Higher Misalignment Capacity, Wider Shaft Spacing, and Improved Clamping System

Double Flex A1C High Performance CD® Coupling from Zero-Max

Zero-Max’s Double Flex A1C high performance CD® couplings provide higher misalignment capacity than the Single Flex model. They have wider shaft spacing and improved clamping system, making them ideal for today's most demanding servo motor and motion control applications.

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GAM Gear Introduces the 2013 GAM Catalog

GAM Gear 2013 GAM Catalog

GAM Gear, a manufacturer of gear reducers, servo couplings, and linear mounting products announces the release of the 2013 GAM catalog.  For the first time ever, all of GAM’s product groups can be found in a single 102 page comprehensive catalog.  An easy to use product selection guide helps users find the right product based on technical specification, configuration, or feature.

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ETP Hyloc Shaft Locking Bushings From Zero-Max Center And Fasten Roll Forming Wheels In Steel Processing Systems

ETP Hyloc Shaft Locking Bushings from Zero-Max

Forming steel into different size bar stock requires positioning and fastening a system’s roll forming wheels with accuracy so they stay in alignment throughout the process. The ETP Hyloc™ provides the robust hub-shaft connection in these difficult operating environments, providing excellent concentricity despite high torque and radial loading of the system.

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Offset Couplings From Zero-Max Have Zero Maintenance Bearings Eliminating Lubrication And System Downtime

Zero-Max “Schmidt” Offset Couplings

Zero-MaxSchmidt” Offset Couplings now feature needle bearings with internal micro-poly lubrication that do not require periodic maintenance. For systems operating over long periods, this zero maintenance feature can add significantly to productivity and profitability.

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Servo Couplings Bathe In The Success of Clean Room Certification

Clean Room certified Servo Couplings from KTR Corporation

KTR Corporation is pleased to announce successful results after testing several series of couplings for clean room applications. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) it was proven and certified that RADEX®-NC, TOOLFLEX® and the ROTEX® GS series couplings release few particles making them excellent for clean room technology.

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Quick clamping shaft collars in larger bore sizes

Quick clamping shaft collar from Ruland Manufacturing

Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc. has expanded its quick clamping shaft collar line to accommodate sizes up to 3 inches and 75 mm. They are designed for light duty stationary or low-RPM applications that require quick positioning adjustments or frequent set up changes where the use of tools is not practical.

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ServoClass® Brochure Features New Coupling Sizes And Clamp Style Hubs

Zero-Max ServoClass Coupling brochure

Zero-Max’s new brochure featuring their ServoClass® couplings introduces new Single and Double Disc coupling sizes, giving designers even more options when planning their systems. The expanded ServoClass coupling product line also features improved clamp style hubs for handling larger shafts and higher torque.

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