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igus® to present over 100 new products

igus® Inc. to present over 100 new products
At the show, igus will be showing a variety of new products from its dry-tech® range of products for moving applications, all of which will soon be available from stock world-wide. These exciting up-and-coming igus solutions include a new iglide® material; the W360; specifically designed to have an exceptionally long service life in continuous-running applications, as well as good temperature resistance and high wear durability.

Tags: Cable, Mechanical Component

Wanted: innovative applications using Energy Chain Systems - The entry phase for the 2014 vector® award competition is now underway

Past winning Innovative Application awarded by igus Inc - KUKA Cobra, a compact robot that loads and unloads presses
Every two years, the most creative applications of igus® Energy Chain Systems® are recognized with the vector® award. Whether a tiny energy chain or an enormous application, anyone can apply online to present their idea to the panel of judges, entering in the running for a first prize purse of $6,884 (€5,000) at the awards ceremony, to be held at the Hannover Trade Fair in Germany, April 2014.

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Protection for moving cables: igus® RX tube proves itself in real conditions

 igus® R68 foldable plastic energy tube / cable carrier
If moving cables in the workspace of lathes, milling and sawing machines need protecting, cable carriers must be chip tight, while simultaneously guiding the cables with low abrasion. For this purpose, igus® has developed its first foldable plastic energy tube, the R68 in the Energy Chain System® line of cable carriers. This latest energy tube offers comprehensive protection against chips of any size.

Tags: Cable, Mechanical Component

Two become one: Hybrid servo cable with bus element now available

Hybrid servo cable with bus element now available from igus, Inc.

igus, cable and cable carrier specialist, now has a single cable solution for servo motors and its program: the hybrid servo cable has an integrated hyperface bus element. Keeping up with the emerging trend of offering single cable technology for servo motors, the hybrid servo cable, based on the Chainflex® cable series CF270-UL-D, is changing things in the field of drive technology.

Tags: Cable

Faster to fill - The first folding Energy Chain System for 3D movements

TRLF-100, the first folding Energy Chain System for 3D movements by igus, Inc.

Energy Chain® specialist igus® has expanded its proven 3-dimensional cable carrier line, Triflex®, with the new series TRLF-100. Unlike any other 3D cable carrier from igus, the TRLF-100 has three pivoting crossbars that can be opened at any time, making inserting or exchanging cables and hoses extraordinarily quick and easy.

Tags: Cable

Space saving alternative to servo cables in machine tools: PUR spindle cable

Chainflex® CF270-UL-D  PUR spindle cable from igus Inc

Spindle drives are becoming larger and more efficient in the case of machining centers and machine tools. To guide higher streams of energy, larger conductor cross-sections are required.  As a result, servo cables are becoming thicker with larger bend radii, and in some cases are going beyond the permissible space of the machine tool. 

Tags: Cable

Fresh on the table: polymers for increased food safety

Detectable, lubricant-free, FDA-conforming, chemical-resistant and anti-microbial – igus® polymer solutions for safe and residue

Designers and operators of food production lines must adhere to strict food hygiene regulations from the FDA to ensure consumers can buy food safely. This includes avoiding any kind of contamination such as from foreign particles or lubricants during production or transport process. The use of special materials can significantly reduce this risk. Detectable polymers, which can be picked up by metal detectors, are suitable for such applications.

Tags: Cable, Mechanical Component

One-for-all: Technically Advanced Energy Chains

igus® all new E4-1 Energy Chain best for long service life, high stability, ease of installation and modularity

igus will unveil E4-1, one of its newest Energy Chain cable carriers, during the forthcoming Pack Expo from September 23-25, 2013 at booth S5552. E4-1 combines the features and benefits of its three predecessors in the E4 cable carrier range, including low noise, ruggedness and modularity. E4-1 is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications such as cranes, machine tools, construction machinery and robotic handling systems.

Tags: Cable, Mechanical Component

Chainflex Continuous-flex Cables are tested - Two-billion test cycles at more than 50 test machines every year

igus Chainflex® continuous-flex cables are tested, tested . . . and tested

For over 20 years, igus® has been rigorously testing the durability of its Chainflex continuous-flex cables in its 19,000 square foot laboratory. The company performs around two-billion test cycles at more than 50 test machines every year. Long life for moving parts is a fundamental requirement for both OEMs and MROs when integrating machinery. Yet many suppliers only speculate about the service life of their parts—they either don’t carry out tests, or the tests they do perform aren’t consistent with the mechanical requirements of the application.

Tags: Cable, Mechanical Component

Special Design award goes to pneumatic hand - Robot hand uses Zipper-style cable carriers from igus

Special Design award goes to pneumatic hand

Louisiana Robotic Machines has developed an innovative, all-pneumatic robot hand that uses Zipper-style cable carriers in its finger joints. The design won the “Special Design” award in the igus® vector® 2012 competition, which sought to honor those implementing polymer cable carriers in unique and challenging ways.

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