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High Vibration Brush Terminal Series from Amphenol Offers Zero Fretting - Ideal for Harsh Environments

High Vibration Brush Terminal Series from Amphenol Offers Zero Fretting; Ideal for Harsh Environments


Amphenol Industrial Products Group, a global leader in interconnect systems, now offers a revolutionary high vibration brush terminal series designed to withstand harsh environments.  By intermeshing two small wire bundles together, a superior electrical connection is made with 14 to 70 points of contact per mated pair.

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HARTING Han IP67 bulkhead housing sets new connector baseline

HARTING’s Han® IP67 bulkhead housing sets new connector baseline


The Han® IP67 Housing, as the name implies, provides IP66 and IP67 protection, and does it for virtually the same price as a comparable IP65 rated connector. As a practical example of the difference, in the locked state, the Han®IP67 housing’s protection allows for temporary, full immersion in water, as compared with the IP 65 rated housing which is only hose proof. 

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igus offers Expedited shipping for Canadian customers

igus introduces new expedited shipping for Canadian customers

The motion plastic specialist is helping to save its customers even more time and money with new shipping procedures. igus, major manufacturer of plastic cable management systems and self-lubricating plastic bearings, has introduced a new, expedited system of shipping directly to its Canadian customer base from igus’ North American Headquarters, located in East Providence, Rhode Island.

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Lower cost cables, fully guaranteed with the new Chainflex M line

Lower cost cables, fully guaranteed with the new Chainflex M line from igus Inc


Tested, safe, yet low in price – this is the promise from igus with their newest line of Chainflex cables. From control, servo motor, and measuring system cables, to data, power, and bus cables, Chainflex M offers a full cable range, all designed specifically for continuous-flexing applications; at about 40% lower cost than traditional Chainflex cables.

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RSP- Intelligent retraction system

Triflex RSP- Intelligent retraction system from igus Inc

The igus Triflex RSP system is designed for cable guidance on robots performing complex movements. The adjustable pneumatic retraction system safely guides the cable package, and can be attached to various robotic models quickly and easily. Lightweight and space-saving, Triflex RSP is also available with optional monitoring system for robots whose program sequences frequently change, alternate, or are not 100-percent predictable.

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Robotic Joint Solutions from igus

Robolink Robotic Joint Solutions from igus

igusRobolink is a lightweight, maintenance and corrosion-resistant range of robotic joints for humanoid systems or other automated applications. The system is compact, offering multiple axes and degrees of freedom. Using Robolink, pressure is converted to tensile forces via cables, which mimic biological sinews. When compared to steel, Robolink is lower priced, and more energy efficient. A variety of drive/control systems are possible.

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Welcome to the Chainflex Guarantee Program

Chainflex Guarantee Program from igus Inc
Orange, Silver, and Gold memberships provide guarantees for predictable cable performance for up to 36 months. When it comes to cables, energy supply system specialist igus® is the first- and only –manufacturer to provide a guarantee program for continuous-flexing cables. In the newly dubbed “Chainflex Guarantee Program,” machine designers and manufacturers can receive a guarantee that goes far beyond just the basic legal conditions.

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igus presents maintenance-free systems for the packaging industry

igus presents maintenance-free systems for the packaging industry
igus is presenting a range of innovative new products specially developed to meet stringent demands of the packaging industry. Manufacturers of packaging machinery rely on high-performance components, especially where products must be packed in a timely and energy-efficient manner. Because of this, machinery must be designed and manufactured under strict rules and regulations.

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igus® to present over 100 new products

igus® Inc. to present over 100 new products
At the show, igus will be showing a variety of new products from its dry-tech® range of products for moving applications, all of which will soon be available from stock world-wide. These exciting up-and-coming igus solutions include a new iglide® material; the W360; specifically designed to have an exceptionally long service life in continuous-running applications, as well as good temperature resistance and high wear durability.

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Wanted: innovative applications using Energy Chain Systems - The entry phase for the 2014 vector® award competition is now underway

Past winning Innovative Application awarded by igus Inc - KUKA Cobra, a compact robot that loads and unloads presses
Every two years, the most creative applications of igus® Energy Chain Systems® are recognized with the vector® award. Whether a tiny energy chain or an enormous application, anyone can apply online to present their idea to the panel of judges, entering in the running for a first prize purse of $6,884 (€5,000) at the awards ceremony, to be held at the Hannover Trade Fair in Germany, April 2014.

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