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Worlds Smallest Commercially Available Ball Screw

ULTRAMINIATURE ball screws by Steinmeyer
Steinmeyer, Inc. offers the "world's smallest commercially available ball screw." These ULTRAMINIATURE ball screws are available in diameters as small as 3 millimeter with a choice of two pitches – 1 millimeter or 0.5 millimeter, making this product ideal for medical applications, among others. Steinmeyer offers an extensive range of miniature screws from 16 mm diameter (with up to 30 mm pitch), down to this incredibly tiny 3 mm diameter.

Tags: Ball Screw, Linear Motion

CUI Extends Ultra-Compact SIP Ac-Dc Power Supply Series to Include Low Profile Versions

CUI Inc offers PBK series ultra-compact SIP ac-dc power supplies
CUI Inc has extended its PBK series of ultra-compact SIP ac-dc power supplies to now include right-angle versions.  The low-profile PBK-B family is available in 1 W, 3 W and 5 W configurations. The power modules measure as small as 1.38 x 0.98 x 0.51 in. (35 x 25 x 13 mm), and are ideally suited to deliver on-board ac-dc power conversion where board real estate is at a premium.

Tags: Power

ARC Systems Inc Rotor Assembly

Rotor assemblies from ARC Systems Inc
ARC Systems, Inc. was founded in 1967 to provide the aerospace industry with a dependable source for HIGH QUALITY motion control components and rotor assemblies.  Our philosophy is based on a trained staff supported by a qualified dedicated Quality Team.  ALL of our Team Members are COMMITTED to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Tags: Rotor Casting

Strong Line Class of Gear Racks

Strong Line Class of Gear Racks from Atlanta Drive Systems
ATLANTA Drive Systems offers a class of precision gear racks which offer several significant advantages over traditional gear racks. The "Strong Line" class of gear racks from ATLANTA utilizes an innovative carburized case-hardening process to increase the strength of the rack, including the tooth flanks and root, which maximizes its power density, stiffness and performance.

Tags: Gearhead, Mechanical Component

Vehicle Power Surge Protection

Vehicle Power Surge Protection from Sensitron
Sensitron offers a family of transorbs (SCP-5282 Series), which offers protection for 28V power systems, including load dump protection, with clamping below 55Vdc for 100V and 250V pulse. These units are 100% production tested to meet MIL-STD-1275, and offer power savings by allowing lower FET voltage ratings to be used. The SAE-5282-12 protects 12V systems, and is tested to meet J1113-11.

Tags: Power

iglide on tour wraps up North American tour by giving back

Igus Inc iglide on tour wraps up North American tour by giving back
For over two months, the igus Inc. team carried out a mammoth effort of coordinating and executing a car tour from Anchorage Alaska to New York City, traveling through more than half of the 50 United States, and crossing across Canadian boundaries three times, totaling 13,670 miles. Along the way, the car stopped in to visit more than 40 of igus’ current and potential customers, speaking with engineers about the true power of iglide plastic bearings, which are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary.

Tags: Bearings

Inherently Safe Fiber Optic ESTOP and U-Beam Sensors

Inherently Safe Fiber Optic ESTOP and U-Beam Sensors from Micronor Inc
MICRONOR offers two new inherently safe, fiber optic signaling products for the industrial automation, robotic and medical markets. The MR380 series Fiber Optic Emergency Stop offers ESTOP Functional Safety compliance with SIL1 rating.  The MR382 series Fiber Optic U-Beam Sensor is a general purpose photo interruption/slot sensor.

Tags: Robotics, Electronic Component, Motion Sensors

ATEX and UL Class I, Div 2 Hazardous Location Certified HMI Solutions from Exor

Exor eTOP500 Glass ATEX and UL Class I, Div 2 Hazardous Location Certified HMI Solutions from Servo2Go.com / Electromate
Exor series eTOP500 Glass.  No Limits HMI. The eTOP Series 500 Glass is the ideal choice for Oil and Gas applications and installation in harsh environments. IP69K - extended temperature range (-20°C +60°C), ATEX, UL and DNV approvals. Series 500 Glass is the ideal solution for harsh environments and for extreme, outdoor, marine, automotive applications. 

Tags: Human Machine Interface HMI

Zero-Max brochure features Keyless Locking Devices for Shaft-to-Hub Connections

Zero-Max brochure features Keyless Locking Devices for Shaft-to-Hub Connections
Zero-Max’s new 28-page brochure features a complete line of keyless locking devices for shaft to hub connections in a power transmission system. These devices are ideal for positioning and locking shaft components. They provide the best solution where keyways and tapers can weaken or cause excess wear to the shaft. Zero-Max keyless connections design benefits include zero backlash and superior concentricity. They mount and dismantle in less than 10 seconds and have fewer screws than alternative products.

Tags: Couplings, Mechanical Component, Catalog Literature CD

New High-Performance Screw Jacks Offer Precise Positioning with High Thrust

ATLANTA Drive Systems High-Performance Screw Jacks offer Precise Positioning with High Thrust
ATLANTA Drive Systems is pleased to announce a new range of High-Performance Screw-Jacks, offering precise linear positioning and high dynamic performance by means of a servo-worm reducer and precision ballscrew spindle.  Linear speeds up to 590 inches per minute can be achieved with ballscrews diameters up to 50 mm and axial load capacities up to 22,500 lb. are possible, with higher load capacities reached by using two screw-jacks in tandem to share the loads.

Tags: Ball Screw, Linear Motion, Mechanical Component

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