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Desktop Piezo Drive is Networkable for Seamless Integration with Piezos and Servos

The Ensemble QDe™ is a high-performance desktop nanopositioning piezo drive designed for seamless use with the Ensemble family of drives and controllers. The QDe connects to any Ensemble controller network enabling coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes at much higher rates than other controller or drive products. This power and versatility make the Ensemble QDe ideal for single or multi-axis applications ranging from fundamental scientific research to advanced OEM machine systems.

Aerotech's Desktop Piezo Drive is Networkable for Seamless Integration with Piezos and Servos

High Precision Linear Motor Stage with Absolute Encoder and Ironless Motor


Motion and precision positioning systems expert PI (Physik Instrumente) has released a new member of the PIMag® family of precision positioning stages with magnetic direct drives. The compact ultra-precise V-551 motorized linear translation stage debuted at Laser World of Photonics, held in Munich, Germany last month.

Absolute Encoder and Drive Concept for High Speed / High Precision from PI

POSITAL Programmable Incremental Rotary Sensors

POSITAL has launched a new line of incremental rotary encoders for the motion control and industrial automation markets. These devices are programmable, which means that performance characteristics such as resolution (number of pulses per turn) and incremental pulse direction (A before B or B before A) can be modified by simply changing firmware parameters. The characteristics of the output driver can similarly be set to either Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL).

POSITAL Announces New Programmable Incremental Rotary Sensors

MCST 3601 - Powerful Drive Electronics for Stepper Motors

Searching the multitude of available programmable motion controllers for one that is ideal for micro stepper motors with phase currents of sometimes less than 100 mA was once a real challenge. The new MCST 3601 series, developed from the cooperation between FAULHABER and Trinamic GmbH (the motion controller
specialist for stepper motors), offers the solution.

FAULHABER MCST 3601 Motion Controller For Stepper Motors

Affordable High Precision XY Nanopositioning Piezo Stage

PI's P-763 XY nanopositioning stage is a new, more affordable addition to PI's wide range of piezo stage positioners.  The compact P-763 flexure-guided stage has a footprint of less than 3x3 inches (70x70mm) while providing a 30x30mm aperture. With a large travel range of 200x200 microns this piezo positioning system is ideal for demanding applications such as image-stabilization, micro-lithography, nano-alignment, surface metrology, super-resolution microscopy and bio-nanotechnology and photonics and datacomm.

Affordable High Precision XY Nanopositioning Piezo Stage from PI

PXL33 series offers high precision linear motion in a small form factor

The PXL33 provides precise positioning travels of 25, 60 and 110mm. A linear motor and cross roller bearings result in smooth, flat and straight motion. The PXL33 is ideal for use in applications for precision assembly and inspection. Two PXL33’s can be directly stacked for XY configurations with a total height of 66mm.

Primatics PXL33 series offers high precision linear motion in a small  form factor

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